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So where do I start? I basically joined up almost when G2 (legacy) first started in Beta. I signed up after Skorne told me about it and gave me a referal link. At this point I had only just really started going on the internet so this text based RPG stuff was a whole new world to me and I didnt really care for it at first. Weeks went by and slowly but surely I started getting into the game. At this point I was still in my immature part of my life, of which whilst playing come across a bug, and instead of reporting it, repeatedly abused in, of which got my first account deleted. I then had a long break from the net, a good 8 months to a year then decided to come back. I got put in Df when I re-started, but being good freinds with a lot of TC I moved over to them. I spent most of my Legacy days in The Chapter, and they helped me out so much and gave me all my av equipment which to this day Im still very grateful. I made av fairly fast as I had past experience in playing. I made arb in the chapter, but one thing come to another and I felt i needed a new start so I joined Outcasts, of which I wont be leaving.

My job is over seeing graphics updates with in the game, which dont just mean character outfits funnily enough. So of Jan '09 Zorg begged me to be graphics admin. Ok thats a lie he asked me randomly XD. Of which i took the job.

I try to add outfits and stuff as much as posible though, but inbetween my real life and work etc it's not easy making something all the time. I do have a list of things that need/will be done so this is most likely what to expect over the coming time:

- Rank 10 Accessories.

- Shoes/more tattoos.

- Secret Project.

- Rank 18 Outfits.

- More av and sub coats.

- Jewellery.

UpComing Weapon Update.

Heres some of my recent uploaded work: So where do I see the future of Legacy and graphics? Well Legacy as long as zorg keeps up with regular updates will always be improving. As for graphics, clothes will always be updated, I am trying to convince zorg to allow special outfits to trade in for sub time, and i will be running some competitions eventually, which could see some of your own work uploaded to the game and possibly have your own character design for a little while.

Location: Earth.

Age: 21.

[2010] In 2010 im hoping to have a crap load of stuff ive been working on added to the game.

This is so people can see and appreciate how much effort and how many items are in the game.