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The correct title of this article is Dk16. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical limitations.

"Dk16 was originally the leader of Vendeta Council in G2V1. Showing his interest in designing graphics using MS Paint, he decided to make a set of outfits for the game themed on The Matrix, a topic often discussed in this era of the game. Dk16 made 8 full outfits which met the requirements of the games graphics, and after showing them with fellow players and getting wide appreciation, Zorg finally put them up for sale for players to use in Joes Merchandise in Sector 3.

Dk became one of the leading members in the community, and when the game went down, he was one of the first to sign up to the Space Coalition forums when they appeared at the Gangsterz URL. During that time, he managed to earn himself the position of Global Moderator of those forums. Throughout the time the game had been offline, he had made many different G2 style characters, based on some well known themes such as GTA, SSX and Zelda, amongst others. When Space Coalition went offline, it was Dk16 who took the initiative to set up the Gangsterz3 forums to keep the community active.

When the Private Beta ended in G2V2, dk16 applied for a staff position, and Zorg made him Graphics Admin for the game. Dk had a very steady workload for a few months, just casually designing outfits, since all the graphics for weapons, and most character graphics still remained since the previous release. However, when Zorg released plans for the Hunting System, Dk16 started making items, along with the designs of the Special Characters.

Near the end of 2005, Dk's biggest challenge yet evolved, with the release of the new Character Design system, where the player look changed from simple Head/Body layout to a fully customisable system, where users can change anything from their glasses, to their shoes, to their skin color. Some of Dk16's best work is featured in the higher level outfits, the avatar system and in the casino shop."

-Written by the legendary Deeg.


  • Designed a good percentage of all the clothing, items, and characters featured in the game.
  • Formed the clan "Vendeta Council" (was actually considered a "gang" back then), the oldest clan still around (now known as Vendetta Elite).
  • 6th oldest account in the game (in terms of account creation date).
  • Created the Gangsterz3 forums after the Space Coalition server crash, which arguably helped prevent the game and community from slipping away from existence.
  • Longest serving staff member. (Title may have been lost!)
  • Started Awesome Hour and the Haunted Mansion stories.

Custom Outfits:


Serge from Chrono Cross


Vash from Trigun


Archer from Fate/Stay Night


Kamina from Gurren Lagann

Personal Info:

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Location: Ontario, Canada