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Christmas 2020

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Click here for Legacy's Christmas 2019!

Joe's Merchandise Special Items

These are the items you can purchase from Joe in Sector 3 during Christmas time.

Christmas Card 100c Christmas card.png Send a card to a friend to celebrate christmas, you may only purchase 1 at a time and can write a custom message inside each.
Christmas Hat 400c Christmas hat.png Equip this misc item and help spread the christmas joy, it serves no other purpose
Snowballs 600c Snowballs.png Coated in a special everlast formula designed to make them last forever, these weapons represent the ultimate in projectile weapons.

Santa's Toy Factory

Christmas job.png

Returning this year was Santa's Toy Factory, a job workable in the Job Center. Costing 5000 energy per job, which by default meant you could only do one at a time. However, the pay of 1,500 credits for that single job as well as a guaranteed ticket from performing this job more than made up for it. You were awarded with one of the following tickets upon completing your time in Santa's Workshop: Bronze ticket.png Silver ticket.png Gold ticket.png These tickets would give a wide array of an extra form of payment. Ranging from more energy, credits, tokens, platinum, or boons. What and how much was effected by the ticket itself.

The Advent Calendar

The highly anticipated Advent Calendar has returned this holiday season. The way the Advent Calendar works is: as each day passes, a new door is opened (hence why the doors are numbered). You cannot open any doors for days that have not passed yet. For example, if it is the 5th, you cannot open the 6th.

Here is a list of the goodies that players received from the calendar (on that corresponding day):

  • 1) Snow Globe
  • 2) Cupcake Gun
  • 3) Candy Cane
  • 4) Mulled Wine
  • 5) Snowballs
  • 6) Small Golden Nugget
  • 7) Minimoo Chocolate
  • 8) 300 Casino Tokens
  • 9) Gingerbread Man
  • 10) X-Ball
  • 11) Nanite Cluster
  • 12) Hunting Pass
  • 13) Wolf Candy
  • 14) Platinum Card
  • 15) Mini Moo Juice
  • 16) Soylent Green
  • 17) 6 Inventory Spaces
  • 18) 1008 Bound Platinum
  • 19) Power Core
  • 20) Christmas Hat
  • 21) Prime Crystal
  • 22) Christmas Card
  • 23) Apparel Kit
  • 24) Box of Aldohs
  • 25) Toolbox