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Christmas 2015

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All Christmas Events

Christmas was opened by Zorg this year.

Joe's Merchandise Special Items

These are the items you can purchase from Joe in Sector 3 during Christmas time.

Christmas Card 100c Christmas card.png Send a card to a friend to celebrate christmas, you may only purchase 1 at a time and can write a custom message inside each.
Christmas Hat 400c Christmas hat.png Equip this misc item and help spread the christmas joy, it serves no other purpose
Snowballs 600c Snowballs.png Coated in a special everlast formula designed to make them last forever, these weapons represent the ultimate in projectile weapons.

New This Year

New items added to Legacy this Christmas season include:

The Vision Toothbrush Advent Calendar Vision toothbrush.png Origin unknown.
The Peg Gun Advent Calendar Peg gun.png One of the first concept weapons in the hive. Rumours have it there are a handful of designs.
Will Candy Advent Calendar Will candy.png This Item was in the advent calender of Christmas 2015. This item is no longer obtainable. (Heals for +2HP)

Big visiontoothbrush.png Peg Gun.png Big willcandy.png

The Advent Calendar

The highly anticipated Advent Calendar has returned this holiday season. The way the Advent Calendar works is: as each day passes, a new door is opened (hence why the doors are numbered). You cannot open any doors for days that have not passed yet. For example, if it is the 5th, you cannot open the 6th.

Here is a list of the goodies that players received from the calendar (on that corresponding day):

  • 1) Blue Pill
  • 2) Focus Refill
  • 3) Water Crystal Shard
  • 4) 50 credits, to spend on whatever you like!
  • 5) Peg Gun
  • 6) Air Crystal Shard
  • 7) Revival Kit
  • 8) Vicodin
  • 9) Focus Refill
  • 10) Snowballs
  • 11) Blue Pill
  • 12) Platinum Card
  • 13) Big First Aid Kit
  • 14) Small Pink Crystal
  • 15) 500 tokens to use in the casino!
  • 16) Small Null Crystal
  • 17) Morphine
  • 18) Big First Aid Kit
  • 19) Medi Gun
  • 20) 1003 free bound platinum, 1 more than last year!
  • 21) Vision Toothbrush
  • 22) Medium Water Crystal
  • 23) Will Candy
  • 24) Christmas Card
  • 25) Large Fire Crystal