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Scott.gif I applied for Staff on a whim and amazingly was accepted by this guy. Ever since, I have been working with him and it has been one helluva ride along the way. We may have had a few disagreements along the way, but it always ends up resolved and we just keep going like nothing happened.

Mohith was the main one who trained me to be Staff. He also showed me numerous tricks and tips on how to properly handle situations. Even after he stepped down, he showed up from time to time to help me out or let me know how he handled a similar situation in the past.

Pascal.gif As goofy as this guy is, he is the one who got me up to speed on how to use and edit the wiki properly. If he hadn't gotten me started on it, there's no way I could have handled the wiki in the slightest.

faelust is the whole reason I really got behind and into the lore of Dark Flame and Cain. If it wasn't for her, I most likely wouldn't have stuck around Legacy in the first place. Oh, and she's the one behind the amazing design I still wear to this day. Smiley 33.gif Faelust.png

Dark Flame
DFLogoTransparent.gif I joined this gang from day one and enjoyed a vast majority of the time I was there. A lot of people helped me reach Avatar and helped get me fully equipped to take on the hazard that is the Wasteland. Smiley 26.gif