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Staff Time


I was hired by Scott in Sept '11 as an Accounts Admin. I was also trained by Mohith and Pascal to be the new Wiki SysOps guy. Mohith and Neltharion trained me in the accounts department though. Mohith had been Accounts for quite a long time, but I was ultimately under Neltharion since he was the current Account Admin. All of the Staff at the time pitched in their own way to get me up to speed on the general duties of being Staff.

After the merge with Hunted Cow Studios, I was no longer able to be the Account Admin. It was at this time (Oct '11) that I was moved over to being the Wiki Admin as well as a Community Admin. At this point, Macey was was working directly with me as the 2nd Community Admin. The Wiki SysOps also became my little "minions."

Not to long after the merge, it was decided that I would be the Staff Rep for The Chapter.

After being on the team for a year, I was granted a custom phase message while phasing in the Wasteland. The messages consisted of:

  • What I see when phasing: You board the airship, Fahrenheit, and fly to <coordinates or player>
  • Arrival: "Will ropes down from an airship and lands next to you."
  • Departure: "Will jumps on the airship as it flies by and flies away."

After a long time as the Staff Rep for The Chapter (approximately 8 months), I was shifted to Blade of Dawn's Staff Rep

After being the Blade of Dawn's Staff Rep for a long while, I was shifted to Dark Flame's Staff Rep

Eventually, I got my own mascot. The Dancing Moogle! MoogleDance.gif

Towards the end of Dec '14, I was moved to Asst. Lead Helper for Legacy

After 5 years of working with Scott on the Staff team, I decided to step down from my position as the time I previously had to dedicate was no longer available. But I decided to stick around as the Community Admin to continue to assist the game.

Wiki Edits

Major Edits/Updates

Minor Edits/Ongoing Projects

Past Staff Designs

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