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Name: Robert
Gender: Male
Age: 27, 8th of September 1992
Location: England.

Account lifeline

• I joined on July 22nd 2007.
• I became avatar on May 2nd 2009, after 1 year and 321 days.
• I name changed on December 18th 2010, becoming "Robert".
• I was given GFX powers and made part of the GFX team on June 23rd 2014.
• I was made a guide on July 31st 2014.
• I name changed on February 14th 2015, becoming "UnicornBob".
• I was removed as a guide on October 9th 2015 for being too inactive.
• I joined the sysop team on November 19th 2018.
• I rejoined the guide team on December 3rd 2018.
• As of August 2019 I've had my guide and GFX mod roles removed per request. Elder role removed for unknown reasons.

Gang lifeline

When I started the game I was placed in The Chapter.
Dark Flame's dark theme appealed to me most though so I moved there shortly later.
Over the years I've mostly flipped flopped between Dark Flame and The Chapter, with a brief visit to Outcasts too.
I left Dark Flame after nearly 6 years, for a break from the same people. I decided to go to Blade of Dawn because they were doing best in the wasteland.
I left Blade of Dawn recently because they stopped doing so well in the wasteland and returned to Dark Flame.
I got bored of how quiet Dark Flame is after some years and left to The Chapter in November 2019.

Current gang: The Chapter
Current gang rank: Chaplain - 16

Current clans:
1. Bank of Legacy - Leader
2. Art of Legacy - Leader
3. None - No Rank
4. None - No Rank

Notable achievements

• 55th to become level 90.
• 1st to equip a full set of Phantom items at once.
• 2nd to cap at 110 focus.
• 19th to become level 100.
• 2nd to become level 10 crafting.
• 1st to get the "Phantom Menace" achievement for stealing 1000 phantom items.


SNPC drops:
x2 Chain Blade
x3 Scythe
x9 Prime Amulet
x5 Rift Gun
x1 Void Sword
x1 Void Bow
x3 Scout Drones
x3 Prototype Armor
x5 Projector Bots
          NPC drops:
          x4 Abyss Crystal
          x14 Aeon Amulet
          x7 Core Shield
          x8 Core Staff
          x10 Void Axe

Warfare store:
x2 Bio Spinal Enhancer
x1 Orphic Amulet
          x3 Amulet Crystal
          x1 Q15
          x1 Havoc Launcher


x7 Amulet
x6 Crystal Sword
x4 Crystal Bombs
x1 Cabrusion Crystal
          x7 Rail Gun
          x3 Titan Guard
          x7 Aberrant Dye


RobertCustom-Box.png   BarryTheUnicorn2.png   RobertCustom-Unicorn.png   RobertCustom-Unicorn2.png   RobertCustom-Unicorn3.png


20:35 Zorg: Yes, everyone knows our official stance on "pooping rainbows"
20:35 Zorg: We had to get Scott to stop that

13:12:31 Shysta : the story of bob constantly hiding in the bush reveal
13:12:53 Shysta : didn't beat the bush enough, became a retard unicorn D=

13:16:41 philly : "You're not just any Unicorn, You're THE Unicorn"

faelust : 19:28 kinky bob - absolutely kinky

Zach : 15:37 i like bob's line

UnicornBob : 11:52 - isn't wayne robbinson the rock?
Aldo : 11:53 - That is Dwayne Johnson lmao

Lycan : 07:24 - Hydra is an absolute GILF btw
Lycan : 07:24 - Oh s**t theres hydra nvm
Hydra : 08:33 - you cum glitter bob

09:05:30 Gaki : I want to jerk your horn.

Arretu : 09:26 mythologicalcreatureist Smiley 32.gif

Salty : 12:14 - anyway got better stuff to do than cosplay unicorns

hunter8 : 20:04 - what in the fuuuuuck
hunter8 : 20:05 - Where'd you come from
UnicornBob : 20:05 - where'd you go
matt770 : 20:05 - where'd you come from cotton eye joe

Billy2131 : 15:08 - Bob can horn me and my dad anyday

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