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Name: Robert
Gender: Male
Age: 26, 8th of September 1992
Location: England.

Account lifeline

• I joined on July 22nd 2007.
• I became avatar on May 2nd 2009, after 1 year and 321 days.
• I name changed on December 18th 2010, becoming "Robert".
• I was given GFX powers and made part of the GFX team on June 23rd 2014.
• I was made a guide on July 31st 2014.
• I name changed on February 14th 2015, becoming "UnicornBob".
• I was removed as a guide on October 9th 2015 for being too inactive.
• I joined the sysop team on November 19th 2018.
• I rejoined the guide team on December 3rd 2018.
• As of August 2019 I've had my guide and GFX mod roles removed per request. Elder role removed for unknown reasons.

Gang lifeline

When I started the game I was placed in The Chapter.
Dark Flame's dark theme appealed to me most though so I moved there shortly later.
Over the years I've mostly flipped flopped between Dark Flame and The Chapter, with a brief visit to Outcasts too.
I left Dark Flame after nearly 6 years, for a break from the same people. I decided to go to Blade of Dawn because they were doing best in the wasteland.
I left Blade of Dawn recently because they stopped doing so well in the wasteland and returned to Dark Flame.

Current gang: Dark Flame
Current gang rank: Night Watch - 7

Current clans:
1. Bank of Legacy - Leader
2. Art of Legacy - Leader
3. LC Graffitists - Amateur
4. Player Support - Guide

Notable achievements

• 55th to become level 90.
• First to equip a full set of Phantom items at once.
• Second to cap at 110 focus.
• 19th to become level 100.
• 2nd to become level 10 crafting.


SNPC drops:
x2 Chain Blade
x3 Scythe
x9 Prime Amulet
x5 Rift Gun
x1 Void Sword
x2 Scout Drones
x3 Prototype Armor
x3 Projector Bots
          NPC drops:
          x4 Abyss Crystal
          x14 Aeon Amulet
          x7 Core Shield
          x8 Core Staff
          x10 Void Axe

Warfare store:
x2 Bio Spinal Enhancer
x1 Orphic Amulet
          x3 Amulet Crystal


x7 Amulet
x6 Crystal Sword
x4 Crystal Bombs
x1 Cabrusion Crystal
          x6 Rail Gun
          x3 Titan Guard
          x4 Aberrant Dye


RobertCustom-Box.png   BarryTheUnicorn2.png   RobertCustom-Unicorn.png   RobertCustom-Unicorn2.png   RobertCustom-Unicorn3.png


20:35 Zorg: Yes, everyone knows our official stance on "pooping rainbows"
20:35 Zorg: We had to get Scott to stop that

13:12:31 Shysta : the story of bob constantly hiding in the bush reveal
13:12:53 Shysta : didn't beat the bush enough, became a retard unicorn D=

13:16:41 philly : "You're not just any Unicorn, You're THE Unicorn"

faelust : 19:28 kinky bob - absolutely kinky

Zach : 15:37 i like bob's line
Hydra : 08:33 - you cum glitter bob

09:05:30 Gaki : I want to jerk your horn.

Arretu : 09:26 mythologicalcreatureist Smiley 32.gif

Salty : 12:14 - anyway got better stuff to do than cosplay unicorns

hunter8 : 20:04 - what in the fuuuuuck
hunter8 : 20:05 - Where'd you come from
UnicornBob : 20:05 - where'd you go
matt770 : 20:05 - where'd you come from cotton eye joe

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