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My best approximation of a Gears of War Grub for Halloween '11 Gang Outcasts Rank 4 (Renegade)
Level 83 Forum Posts 1,490
Clans Art Society - - Umbrella Corp
Sketching - - Zombie

My Sandbox

About me

January 30, 2011 was a bit of a Wiki marathon day for me, with a grand total of 247 edits (most of this was uploading images, but even still...). And that after only 4 hours of sleep.

I became a Guide on March 15, 2011.

And I hit Avatar on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 15:10 (3:10 pm) server time.

Previous Character Designs

Defosage 1.jpg Defosage 2.jpg I am teh Christmas ninja! Would you like some chainsaw with your assault rifle? All Mentored up and nowhere to go During the OC Naked Wasteland Event, Jan 2011 Defosage feb 2011.png Defosage march 2011.gif Defosage june 2011.gif

Wiki Edits



  • Gang Member Galleries
  • Gang Pages
  • Numerical errors on Hunting Drops page
  • HOF Top 10's
  • Various spelling/grammar corrections throughout the wiki


Level banner80.png Got their character to level 80 and became an Avatar!

Cow banner.png Played before the merge in to Hunted Cow Studios!

Hcs banner.png Merged from an original Legacy account.

Perm banner.png Had a permanent account before it was cool.

Level banner50.png Got their character to level 50.

5year banner.png Stood with us during the 5 year anniversary of the game.

6year banner.png Stood with us during the 6 year anniversary of the game.

Ww banner.png Finished a werewolf game as part of the winning team.

Level banner.png Achieved ranking among the Top 10 most experience gained.

Kills banner.png Decimated the hive, reaching the Top 10 highest wins.

Deaths banner.png Kept our hospital in business with the Top 10 highest losses.

Hunt banner.png Has been ranked among the Top 10 best hunters.

Hunting1 banner.png Defeated the Sector 3 Assassin Lisha.

Hunting2 banner.png Showed superiority over the mob, defeating their boss.

Hunting3 banner.png Silenced the corrupt police chief Zaphar, defeating him.

Hunting4 banner.png Set back X-Corp's plans defeating their founder Sythe.

Hunting5 banner.png Shook the foundations of the hive, defeating the Hive Lord.

Hunting6 banner.png Defeated Cerb the Gatekeeper of the sanctuary.

Hunting7 banner.png Shutdown X-1025 the Brotherhood of Blood's guardian.

Hunting8 banner.png Displayed ultimate power in defeating the Avatar Lord.

Spectral banner2.png Defeated a player and stole their Shard of Destruction.

Voting banner3.png Voted for our game 1000 times.

Voting banner4.png Voted for our game 2000 times.

Voting banner5.png Voted for our game 4000 times.

Subscribe banner.png This player subscribed to the game during the old system.

Platinum purchase banner1.png Purchased Platinum with credits from another player.

50k banner.png Earnt 50,000 tokens from the casino over time.

Elder banner.png Has been selected to rank amongst the Elders of the game.

Random Stuff

defosage : 16:17 - does anyone have a rough idea of how much it would cost me
defosage : 16:17 - to hunt to av from here?  
Ice : 16:17 - don't even go there
mohith : 16:17 - You're the Guide you tell us.
ZeroV8 : 16:17 - lots
zalgo : 16:17 - trust in Pandora just went down big time.
Heggs : 16:17 - 10k
ZeroV8 : 16:17 - save to buy av gear
defosage : 16:18 - mohith, get back in your corner >_>

11-13-10 11:23pm
You defeated quinn82 in self defense.

^1st avatar kill ever^

To-Do List

  • Articles needing cleanup
  • Mohith's page