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Character Design

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Character Design Page (Click to enlarge)

Legacy features a unique character design system that allows for full customization of your character's appearance. Everything from tattoos to footwear can be selected. To change your character's outfit, click Character in the top menu, and head to Character Design. You will see the page on the right.

As explained on the page, you can earn more outfits by leveling up. You could previously acquire other outfits via being a subscriber. Now, you may purchase these additional outfits with platinum

When you click on one of the categories, you will see all outfits available to you in that category. The outfits will be shown on top of your current body and eyes. Here is an example of a hair selection:


The gender required to use it is shown along the left side, while the level required is shown down the right side. In this case, the gender is shown in yellow (it is normally pink for female, blue for male), and there is a '$' in the top corner. This shows that this item was bought with platinum. The level required for this hair is level 50.

New outfits will continue to be added by DMaster, Graphics Manager dk16 and every once in a while the Game Creator Zorg. Various outfits have also been designed by other players and Staff throughout the game. The goal is to never have two players on the game look the same. Below are two links that will take you to all outfits that are currently available.

Male Outfits           Female Outfits