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There are two types of moderators, Forum Moderators and Gang/Clan Moderators. The now defunct role of Chat Moderator was used to moderate Online Chat, which has now been removed from the game.

Forum Moderators

The Forum Moderators are a select group that is picked by the Community Admin, MattG2. The job of the Forum Moderators is to moderate the Legacy forums. Forum Moderators keep the forums free from spam and flaming. Forum Moderators can edit or delete any post in the forums they cover. Forum Moderators can also stick, lock, and delete pages.


Note: All Staff have moderation powers.


Guides are normal players who are there to help new players. Guides are hired by the Community Admin, Pie, via applications when position openings are posted in the Main Forum.

The Current Guides are:

  • Joseph
  • sumwish


Clan and Gang Moderators

There are also clan and gang moderators who only have control of certain forums. A player is made a clan moderator once he is promoted to the rank of assistant leader or leader. As a clan moderator he has control over the clan forum.

Similiarly, a gang moderator has control of certain gang forums and become one once they are promoted high enough within the gang:

  • Rank 11 or higher is required for moderation powers of the Newbie Forum
  • Rank 13 or higher is required for moderation powers of the Member Forum
  • Rank 17 or higher is required for moderation powers of the Gang Leadership Forum


When the game came out of Private Beta testing in 2005, there were only three forum moderators. Deeg looked after Main Forum, Help Forum, Clan Talk and Veteran Forum, Jkjace was in charge of Suggestions and Bugs, and Garibaldi was moderator of Spam/Games and Not Related. Deeg, being one of the most outspoken moderators, had a lot of conflicts with players, who disagreed with some of his opinions and the way he ran his forums.

This setup stayed the same for a long time, until Skorne joined the team to share the load, since the forums were ever becoming more active. He was moderating many of the forums by himself, including Clan Talk, Suggestions, Bug Reports, and the Elite Forum. Skorne was extremely active and was a popular moderator with all those who didn't type like they were 10 years old. When Doddsyboi became the PR Admin though, Skorne was demoted to just 2 forums and, since moderating was all he did in the game, started to lose interest in the game and after a small argument with Doddsyboi, was fired.

Jkjace then gained a staff position, shortly followed by Deeg, which lead to more Moderators being hired to cope with the increasing demand of attention the forums required.