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Small Null Crystal

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Small Null Crystal
Small Null Crystal.png
Sell Price:
This special socketable crystal is from the crystal entities that roam around in an alternate dimension. It can be upgraded or slotted in to an item.
*Note - When dropped by Ventrix, it will only sell for 50c


The lowest stat providing crystal in the Null Crystal family, providing 4% more speed to any equipment it's socketed in.

  • It takes 16 Small Null Crystals to make a Perfect Null Crystal.

Crystal Family

Crystal Socket Boost Special Notes
Null Crystal Fragment Fragment N/A
Null Crystal Shard Shard N/A
Small Null Crystal Small +4% Speed Drops from Ventrix sell for 50c
Medium Null Crystal Medium +8% Speed Drops from Ventrix sell for 50c
Large Null Crystal Large +12% Speed Drops from Ventrix sell for 50c
Giant Null Crystal Giant +16% Speed
Perfect Null Crystal Perfect +20% Speed



Small Null Crystals will provide a 4% increase to any equipment's speed when socketed.

2 Small Null Crystals can be combined in the Players Inventory to make a Medium Null Crystal.


A Small Null Crystal can be split into 1x Null Crystal Shard and 1x Null Crystal Fragment at the Shadow Facility in Sector 2

  • For 120 Platinum you can split a Small Null Crystal into 2 Null Crystal Shards


Craft Crafting Level Blueprint Type Required Items Special Notes
Abyss Crystal Abyss Crystal Refining 6 Godlike Blueprint 1xUnrefined Abyss Crystal 1xSmall Null Crystal 1xSmall Water Crystal 1xSmall Void Crystal 1xSmall Pink Crystal None


Small Null Crystals can be removed from Equipment at Joe's Merchandise for either 250 Item XP or 25 Platinum.


The item can be acquired from: