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Shadow Facility

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An image of the Shadow Facility in Sector 2.

Late 2016, a mysterious building suddenly appeared in the Hive, Sector 2. This building was known only as the Shadow Facility.

A Growing Power

The Avatars over time accumulated so much power that it attracted the attention of some higher powers. After the appearance of Ventrix, other entities beyond current comprehension took notice as well. Knowing what was coming, a Shadow Hunter by the name of Dredd appeared with the Shadow Facility with a strange request. Dredd urged residents to help the Shadow Hunters gather the parts of two keys required to unlock a book contained powerful, ancient knowledge.

The Two Keys


Dredd, the apparent leader of the Shadow Hunters, never revealed much information about the ancient book. Just that it was imperative to collect various key fragments that were scattered around the Hive.

Path key part 1.png Path key part 2.png Path key part 3.png Path key part 4.png Path key part 5.png Path key part 6.png The Path Key completed (Click to enlrage)

The first key was known as the Path Key. Once enough of these strange parts were gathered, Dredd used an unstable machine that experienced several power losses in order to craft the Path Key. He then set our hive upon a new quest - assembling a key once known as the 'Phoenix Key'.

Phoenix key part 1.png Phoenix key part 2.png Phoenix key part 3.png Phoenix key part 4.png Phoenix key part 5.png Phoenix key part 6.png The Phoenix Key completed (Click to enlarge)

To assist with the assembly of the new key and to avoid the difficulties experienced with the old, Dredd and the Shadow Hunters brought a new machine to the Shadow Facility known only as the Shadow Forge. This ancient machine had powerful uses hidden within that could only be unlocked by powering it to its maximum potential. Dredd revealed that Power Cells could be used in order to power it and restore the various functions of the Forge, as well as make the assembly of the Phoenix Key require less parts. However, the collection of the Phoenix Key fragments proved to be no easy task - it required a lot of effort and time by the residents of the hive. But working together long and hard, the hive assembled all the key fragments and gave them to Dredd... only to lose both the book and the Shadow Facility to mysterious forces.

Strange Occurrences

The Shadow Facility soon disappeared after the various parts of the Phoenix Key had been collected. Eventually it returned without the Shadow Hunters after phasing in and out of reality; however, it didn't take long for the appearance of the Shadow Facility to gain the attention of many different individuals, before and after its reappearance.



A private detective from the Sector 2 Police Station. And the unheard of brother of the Police Chief, Zaphar. He was quick to investigate the Shadow Facility and the workings behind it. He soon discovered that X-Corps had some strong affiliations with the facility and urged everyone to stay away from the Facility. At one point, an attack attempt was made on the Facility. Unfortunately, the attack ended horribly, injuring Rahpaz in the process.

Rahpaz : 05:54 - Citizens!
Rahpaz : 05:55 - The Shadow Facility has been restricted for the time being
Rahpaz : 05:55 - We are preparing to raid the facility to hopefully find more
Rahpaz : 05:55 - information to better prepare you for what awaits
System : 05:55 - Rahpaz! Clear the area immediately!
Rahpaz : 05:56 - Oh dear...
System : 05:56 - Commencing fire!!!
Rahpaz : 05:57 - Fear not, I am still alive
Rahpaz : 05:57 - But I think my radio is getting some weird transmission...
System : 05:58 - A meaningless attempt human...
Rahpaz : 05:58 - ...I think now would be a good time for me to um....
Rahpaz : 05:58 - take my leave
System : 05:59 - LEAVE NONE OF THEM ALIVE!
Rahpaz : 05:59 - No! Retreat! Retreat!!!!
System : 06:00 - Transmission incoming.
System : 06:01 - "Alpha Prime. The attempt by your feeble guardians has failed."
System : 06:01 - "However, this disturbance has delayed our progress."
System : 06:02 - "We need more contributions. A lot more."
System : 06:02 - "We are willing to recognize more from past contributors."
System : 06:02 - "Do not disappoint us."
System : 06:03 - Transmission terminated.



The Facility and Forge even attracted the old threat of Shadress back to the Hive. She made it clear that she was only interested in eradicating those who stood in her way and the power of the Forge. She used her powers to drain some power from the Forge to strengthen her already incredible powers and charge her weapons. At which point, she attacked those who would dare oppose her. Eventually those who stood up to her would drive her away and regain the lost power to the Forge. But this was just an omen of what was coming.

System : 11:56 - Warning! Warning! Incoming power surge approaching fast!
Shadress : 11:57 - Another increase in power from this precious forge?
Shadress : 11:57 - Seems that you lost some of it again
Shadress : 11:57 - If you want it back, come demonstrate your power to me
Shadress : 11:57 - Your wretched humans
System : 11:58 - Tracking movements of Shadress
System : 11:58 - Shadress detected at 1,13. Remove this threat immediately!
Shadress : 11:59 - Pathetic
Shadress : 11:59 - Is this all you fools can muster?
Shadress : 12:00 - Hmph...I find swatting flies to be more challenging than this
Shadress : 12:02 - I warned you my power would only increase
Shadress : 12:02 - You should have prepared, fool
Shadress : 12:04 - Hmph. Attacking each other instead of a common threat
Shadress : 12:04 - This is why humans should be eradicated from existence
System : 12:05 - Threat still detected at 1,13! Hurry and defeat Shadress!
Shadress : 12:06 - Hmph. You are beginning to bore me
Shadress : 12:09 - Seems you aren't so worthless after all
Shadress : 12:09 - 10 minutes for a single target?
Shadress : 12:09 - My power grows and you all only seem to get weaker
Shadress : 12:11 - Hm...It seems you can actually accomplish
Shadress : 12:11 - something when you work together
Shadress : 12:12 - I warn you once again....I WILL return to destroy you once
Shadress : 12:12 - again. Instead of being the pathetic worms you are, actually
Shadress : 12:12 - prepare for that next time.
System : 12:12 - Shadress' presence leaving immediate area. Resuming normal functions. Standby


Aida Facility.png

Various attacks kept occurring at various locations where X-Corps ran their operations. The attacks seemed to be isolated specifically towards X-Corps and never towards anyone not affiliated with the organization. Nobody could ever get a good look at the duo responsible for the attacks. One day, someone happened upon her as she was fleeing the scene of an X-Corps building being attacked and got a good look at her. The only thing known about her is she has some affiliation with X-Corps and is not happy about it.

X-Corps Droids

80 d.png

Similar to the Sentinels, the Droids carry out orders from their masters. The Droids sole purpose, however, is to locate test subjects of the X-Corps. Approaching the Droids with various items allows you to "communicate" with it to locate the male seen with Aida from time to time after various attacks on X-Corps.



Aiden Facility.png

Reports indicated that a male was normally seen with Aida during her raids on X-Corps facilities. Chances are extremely good that this is the man seen with her. His past is just as mysterious as Aida's. But even more mysterious is his strange powers. He seems to be able to summon small portals to change his gear on a whim to suit what he needs to destroy any who stand in his way. Not only that, but he seems to have the uncanny ability to make copies of himself to disorientate his foes, leaving them open to an attack.