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Rail Gun T2

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Rail Gun T2
Rail gun t2.png
Sell Price:
This avatar made weapon fires crystal coated projectiles at nearly the speed of light and out matches most of the armors in existence.

The Rail Gun T2 is a tier 2 Avatar weapon.


The Rail Gun T2 is a tier 2 Avatar weapon. A level 3 or higher Rail Gun can be upgraded at the Crystal Exchange into this item.


Big railgun t2.png
Rail Gun T2
Type Gun
Rarity Godlike
Requirement Level 80
Damage 60-105 D. Skill 18
Accuracy 39 G. Skill 0
Dodge 0 M. Skill 47
Speed 69 P. Skill 0
Armor 0

Additional Uses


Craft Crafting Level Blueprint Type Required Items Special Notes
Q15 Q15 8 Special Blueprint 1xRail Gun T2 (Lvl. 3) 5xLarge Power Cell 1xPerfect Fire Crystal 5xGold Plate 1xWelding Torch Rail Gun T2 needs to be level 3+

Alternate Appearances

Halloween Paint Christmas Paint Neon Paint Green Neon Paint Pink Neon Paint Purple Neon Paint Red Neon Paint
Yellow Neon Paint Phoenix Elite Paint


The item can be acquired from: