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Legacy FAQ

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This page contains some common questions about Legacy, and the answers to them. Feel free to add to this list.

How do I play?

There are several ways of learning how to play Legacy. You can either follow the tutorial system at startup (strongly recommended), look in your Gang Library (found in Gang Contol Panel) for a Newbie Guide, ask a Guide on side chat (Guides are separated from others with a purple name), or ask in the Help Forum (found in Public Forums).

I just started- why do I keep dying?

Unlike most RPGs, Legacy focuses on PVP. To encourage this, hunting is more difficult and offers less experience than attacking other players. If you are just starting out, attack other players using the player search.

How do I get credits?

The main way to earn money is through the Job Center. You can also get credits by selling items you get from leveling up, from hunting or through the casino. Do not beg for money, it is considered very rude.

What are stat points for?

Stat points, are used to improve your character. You get 3 points at level 1, and 2 points every time you level. You can spend unused points by going to the Main Page.

What do tokens do

Tokens are used in the casino to play the various games. You can trade in tokens at the Casino shop for prizes.

Where can I find the rules?

The Terms of Service (ToS) can be found at the very bottom of the page. You can also find Legacy specific rules at the bottom of the page

What's an Avatar and how can I be one?

An avatar is a character who has reached level 80. Becoming avatar represents the highest level of power a player can reach within Legacy.

What is hospital protection?

When you're revived from 0 HP (whether through the Hospital or a revival kit), the Hospital protects you from being attacked for 6 minutes. You can still attack, but you will lose the protection automatically after 3 wins if revived through the Hospital or after 1 win if you use a revival kit.

Rats and guard dogs have nothing equipped. Does this mean they don't drop anything?

Just because an NPC doesn't have something equipped, doesn't mean that they will not drop something. Check out the Hunting page to find out what they drop.

How do I get weapons?

Weapons can be obtained a number of places:

  • Weapons are given to you for free when you level up until level 30.
  • Weapons can be purchased from players in Market Square of Sector 2. (You must be at least level 5 to do so.)
  • Weapons can be awarded as a drop while hunting.
  • Tokens can be traded in for weapons in the Casino Shop of Sector 3.

How do I change the way I look?

You can change the look of your character by using the navigation links at the top of the page. Under Character, click on Character Design and you will find links to change many aspects of the look of your character.

How do I get warfare points?

You get warfare points by being active in the wastelands. More information on how many points you can get is located in a book called "War Codex" in your gang library under "Creator Books". If you are a "Rogue" then you cannot obtain warfare points because you do not belong to a gang and cannot enter the wastelands.

I am injured. What do I do?

You can be revived a number of ways:

  • You can go to the hospital and be healed to full health.
  • You can use a revive and be healed up to 20 health.
  • You can wait for your revive time and be healed to full health.
  • You can go to Community > vote for legacy and vote 4 times and claim a 'revive heal' to get to full HP

Every fifteen minutes, every player who has been injured for a period longer than six hours will be revived with full health.

The hospital is closed between the hours of 9:00 and 12:00 day and night server time.

How do I get gang reputation?

There are four gangs in total. Each gang has another gang that they are at war with, and they also have a gang that they hate. Killing a member of a gang you will lose 15 reputation with that gang, you will gain 10 reputation with the gang that is at war with them, and you will gain 5 reputation with the gang that hates that gang.

How do I use smilies?

The codes for Side Chat can be found here. As well as next to your side chat submit button there is a smilies button that you can click to open a list of currently available smilies to your account.

What weapon/armor can I use at my level?

There is a wide variety of weapons, armor, and even accessories that are available at a just as wide variety of levels. You can actually find information on every one of these items at the Equippables Database. This chart also includes a listing of all the upgrades available for various weapons.