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Joe's Merchandise

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Joe's Merchandise is a shop that sells items related to special events that happen in real life and other unique items.

Shop Inventory

Items always available

Image Item Name Cost Description
Necklace.jpg Necklace 1000c This misc item gives no stat benefits, it can simply be worn as a gesture of peace to your enemies.
ChronicleofBloodsmall.PNG Chronicle of Blood 10,000c You must be level 45 to use this item, this rare book contains hidden secrets and knowledge is power.
Journal of a shadow hunter.png Journal of a Shadow Hunter 12,500c You must be level 80 to use this item, this rare book contains hidden secrets and knowledge is power.
Birthday card.png Birthday Card 100c Send a card to a friend on their birthday, you may only purchase 1 at a time and can write a custom message inside each.

Valentine's Day

Image Item Name Cost Description
Balloon.jpg Balloon 300c Spread love instead of violence with this heart shaped balloon, buy one and give it to that special person only available to buy during the valentines period!
Flowers.jpg Flowers 100c This item although serving no real purpose, can be traded as a gesture of friendship or love. Buy some and send them to a friend.
Valentines card.png Valentines Cards 100c Send to that special somebody during the valentines holiday, write your own description as you purchase them.


Image Item Name Cost Description
Eggs.jpg Eggs 10c A basket full of chocolate filled eggs, sold by Joe during Easter every year. Eat them to restore some health.
Ears.jpg Bunny Ears 600c They will not help you fight, but they look cute. Wear these and show everyone how much you love Easter.
Toy rabbit.png Toy Rabbit 300c Although not a useable item, these toy rabbits make excellent gifts to celebrate Easter.


Image Item Name Cost Description
Bag of candy.png Bag of Candy 10c Give to your friends to celebrate halloween, it will heal you for 75 health, but cannot be used when injured.
Plastic horns.png Plastic Horns 500c Wear these plastic devil horns to celebrate halloween, although they serve no other purpose.
Plastic halo.png Plastic Halo 500c Wear this plastic halo to celebrate halloween, although they serve no other purpose.


Image Item Name Cost Description
Xmcard.png Christmas Card 50c Write your own custom description in them as you make your purchase, then send them to your friends.
Snowballs.png Snowballs 600c Quite possibly the greatest weapons ever invented, get them while they're hot. No really, they last forever!
Xmhat.png Christmas Hat 400c Spread the christmas cheer by equipping this hat as a misc item, hey if you're really happy you could even wear two.

More special-event items will be released as time goes on. After a time, holiday items are removed from the shops, and the date of the next event items' release is posted.

Crystal Removal

After some time had passed since the introduction of being able to level gear and place crystals in sockets, Joe finished training in ways to remove crystals from gear. He could remove the crystal without damaging the gear, but the crystal would be destroyed. On the other hand, he could remove the crystal safely, but damage the gear, causing it to lose a level. However, he can bypass destruction of both the crystal and equipment for the low price of 5000 Platinum.

Crystal removal 1.png

Crystal removal 2.png

Key Exchange

Upon the second installment of the Shadow Facility, the once critical Path Key parts, were no longer necessary to advance its progress. However, Joe was looking to collect the obsolete key parts. Keyexchange.png


Joe is a central NPC to multiple quests in Legacy.

He is the start-point for the Chronicles of Blood mini-quest, as he sells the book that must be read to complete it.

He is also alleged to have some mysterious ties with the Black Market...