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Haunted Mansion Stories

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A Haunted Mansion story (often abbreviated to "HM") is the name for any story that is written collectively by Legacy players and staff. Players take turns writing one chapter each, continuing from where the last person left off. Originally, these stories were set in a haunted mansion (thus the name). Later stories were set in different locations, but are still called HM stories.

In these stories, certain players are chosen to be featured as the main characters. The list of these characters is included at the end of each chapter. Each chapter usually includes the death of at least one character. As the story goes on, characters are killed off one by one, until only one remains. Who is killed, and the way a character is killed, is determined by the person writing the episode.

Writers are encouraged to use proper spelling and grammar when writing their episodes. Also, while the story can have some humourous moments, writers are encouraged to maintain some degree of seriousness, so that the story does not drift out of control.

Past Stories

  • The tradition of writing Haunted Mansion stories originates from Gangsterz 2 - Version 1. The idea was first introduced to the Vendetta Council gang forums by dk16, as a fun game for the gang members to participate in. The first story was one of two stories that were actually set in an old mansion. Unfortunately, the story was never concluded, as a result of the G2-V1 server crash.
  • After the G2-V1 server crashed, it was then introduced to everyone on the Space Coalition forums. The first story written on these forums was once again set in an old mansion. This story was the first to be successfully concluded.
  • At this point, the Haunted Mansion Stories had become very popular among the community, so a second story was then written before the SC forums crashed. The second story was set in a jungle, and featured a wide display of powerful weaponry.
  • After the Space Coalition forums crashed, a story was started on the forums. This one put the characters inside of a video game, where they fought to beat level after level of insanity. However, it did not turn out as well as the others, and it was never finished.
  • On the Gangsterz 2 - Version 2 forums, a story was started revolving around gang wars. Unfortunately, this story was never finished either.
  • Newer stories like HM: Airship and an Untitled story were never complete.

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