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Ok, I had a good idea and I've forgotten it, so the story has turned out short and crappy. But, it can be developed further. I'm sorry.

Here goes...


The crew opened the packet, and the back of the disc shone in their faces. The crew stared for a moment in wonderment, waiting for dk16 to open the packaging around the disk. He pressed the eject button on the disk drive and slipped the game in, while flaris jumped for the manual. The game had been bought at Joe's Merchandise, a local shop, that sold cool things like matrix clothes and other random items.

About ten of the crew still had to arrive at the Gangsterz house, which consisted of three bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, and several bedrooms and games rooms, most rooms had a computer, run through a network.

The game screen popped up:

Installation complete! Please restart your PC to continue.

bongo17 jumped for the restart button and the computer screen flashed on and off.

Welcome to Windows G2.

The disk drive started to flash as the disc loaded up. The game was called "The Haunted Mansion". Each player had to enter their characteristics, and decide what they wanted to look like in the game. dk16 started entering his characteristics, and then pressed the enter button The whole computer room became really bright and then, in a split second, went black. The only thing that was visible was the glow from the computer screen, but dk16 was no longer sitting in front of it! He had disappeared! As Garibaldi glanced the screen, he fell over backwards, and bongo17 nearly followed him. dk16 was on the screen, looking out at them, wearing what he had chosen in the options menu. The crew stared in amazment, and then realised it wasnt right... or was it? Was the game meant to be like this? After a heated argument, the crew decided to press the play button. dk16's fate would have to be decided by the skill of the crew. They had to play the game, and his life depended on it.

On the top of the screen it read:

Life: 100/100 Money: $100 Weapon: Blade

Then the level name flashed up:

Gates to Hell

flaris flicked through the manual to find anything that could relate to what had just happened, but had no luck. At the same time, Garibaldi sat up and took hold of the joypad. He took a deep breath and then began to play...

Name Status Name Status
-Jake- - kingtangso -
bongo17 In room KoKo -
cheeza - Lord_Gannon -
Deeg - Nicto10 -
dk16 Computerised Reloaded -
elite1 - silver1490 -
flaris In room sk8er -
Garibaldi In room Sk8ergirl -
jkjace - SuperCLG -
jkjace2 - Voght -
Jonjo - Zorg -

'Garibaldi, let me play! Let me play!' yelled out bongo17 in excitement.

'bongo17, this is serious. We're not sure what will happen to dk16 if he dies in the game. We have to try and beat the game. That may be our only hope.' replied Garibaldi in a serious voice.

The crew anxiously waited for the first level to load. So far, only bongo17, Garibaldi, Reloaded, Lord_Gannon, SuperCLG and Deeg were in the room. The others would arrive soon.

The level had finished loading, and the words Level 1: Gates to Hell flashed across the screen. There was a short moment of silence after the first level was revealed to the group.

'Oh my God...' whispered Lord-Gannon in shock. 'dk16 is doomed.'

The level consisted of one giant building. A sign over the entrance read 'Buy your tickets here for Good Charlotte live in concert!!'

'Nooooo!' cried out Deeg in agony. 'It was nice knowing you, dk16."

'I cant do it! Someone else... please... take the joystick.' complained Garibaldi.

As the group were yelling and complaining, flaris entered the room. 'Hey, I'll do it! These guys probably sound even better live!! How do you play?'

flaris pushed all the buttons he could in excitement, and accidently pushed the giant 'play' button. He suddenly was sucked into the game as a 'default' character. He appeared on the screen as a man in a white plain shirt, black dress pants, and 80's style hair.

dk16 suddenly burst into laughter at flaris' ugly appearance. flaris started to get mad, and pulled out his 'default' weapon.

'WTF?! A toilet plunger?!' flaris yelled out in anger. 'ARGH!!!!'

flaris then entered 'Fury Mode'. He began aggressively whacking dk16 over and over with the toilet plunger, until dk16's character faded to nothingness.

The words Player 1 has 2 lives left scrolled across the screen near dk16's name.

Name Status Name Status
-Jake- - kingtangso -
bongo17 In room KoKo -
cheeza - Lord_Gannon In room
Deeg In room Nicto10 -
dk16 Computerised (2 lives left) Reloaded In room
elite1 - silver1490 -
flaris Computerised sk8er -
Garibaldi In room Sk8ergirl -
jkjace - SuperCLG In room
jkjace2 - Voght -
Jonjo - Zorg -

'This isn’t good’ said Reloaded. ‘dk16 just lost a life, on the first level.’

‘Good job flaris!’ chimed bongo17.

Just then elite1, jkjace and KoKo entered the house. ‘Good now that there are more people here lets get some other players going on some of the other computers’ said Garibaldi... ‘Reloaded, why don’t you go in, and let elite1 control your player... Lord_Gannon, you be his backup character...’ after Garibaldi had assigned all the players, everyone got to work...

Player list: PC 1: players: dk16, flaris - controller: Garibaldi PC 2: players: Reloaded, Lord_Gannon, bongo17 - controller: elite1 PC 3: players: Deeg, KoKo, jkjace - controller: SuperCLG

Character list: (can buy new clothes and weapons later on)

dk16: wearing futuristic battle armour (shiny) life: 100/100 x2 money: $100 weapon: blade

flaris: wearing plain shirt and black pants with 80's style hair life: 100/100 x3 money: $100 weapon: plunger

Reloaded: wearing baggy black ninja pants (no shirt) life: 100/100 x3 money: $100 weapon: wooden samurai sword

Lord_Gannon: wearing outback gear life: 100/100 x3 money: $100 weapon: a knife and 2 grenades

bongo17: wearing army fatigues life: 100/100 x3 money: $100 weapon: smoke grenade and lighter

Deeg: wearing a cape with warlord armour... black life: 100/100 x3 money: $100 weapon: small mace

Koko: wearing Samurai outfit life: 100/100 x3 money: $100 weapon: (none) but he starts with knowledge of kung-fu

jkjace: wearing highschool uniform life: 100/100 x3 money: $100 weapon: pen

dk16, Reloaded, flaris, bongo17 and the others entered the gates to the Good Charlotte concert... suddenly the people controlling the characters saw letters flashing on their screens ‘TRAINING; rioting fans are attacking you... PRESS ‘T’ TO PUNCH... PRESS ‘Y’ TO ACTIVATE SELECTED ITEM... USE THE ‘ARROW KEYS’ TO SCROLL THROUGH AVAILABLE ITEMS... PRESS ‘O’ TO ACTIVATE SHIELD (10 second limit)... PRESS ‘G’ TO KICK...’ Inside the game the characters began attacking the rioting fans... after each had killed 10 the screen read ‘TRAINING COMPLETE’ and went black... after that it read: LOADING... When the image appeared on the screen the characters were all standing in the middle of a small virtual city containing 1 item shop, 1 tavern, 1 clothing store, 1 blacksmith’s shop (makes weapons), and a book store... it also had a number of houses belonging to other players in the game...

Survivors: -Jake- bongo17 - computerised cheeza Deeg - computerised dk16 - computerised - 2 lives left elite1- in room flaris - computerised Garibaldi - in room jkjace - computerised Jonjo kingtangso KoKo -computerised Lord_Gannon - computerised Nicto10 Reloaded -computerised silver1490 Sk8ergirl SuperCLG -in room Voght Zorg

flaris walked into the blacksmith and bought a gunblade for $25 and he was quite happy. As he walked outside he was amazed at how somebody would sell such a huge blade for $25. He walked into the clothing store and bought a black hoody and black baggy pants for $5. Now he was even more amazed that some idiots was selling clothes for $5. dk16 read a book on clowns and he also bought a shirt for Reloaded to protect the public from the hideous sight. Deeg and Lord_Gannon bought nothing, KoKo bought a samurai sword and Jkjace bought jeans, a shirt that said GC with an 'X' through it and a very long sword. When the crew met up outside they saw a group of girls walking their way. They all got horny thoughts but stopped when they saw that they were all wearing GC clothing. This turned dk16 on even more. While he was daydreaming 3 girl walked up and smacked him on the head causing him to lose 21HP. The rest of the crew attacked the rest of the fangirls and Deeg finally killed the girls attacking dk16. They all heavily breathed a sign of relief, but stopped when they saw a group twice as lareg as the last one run their way. They ran back to the concert hall and stopped infront of it. As the crew walked into the virtual concert hall, the sight of fanboys screaming made dk16 faint. As the rest of the crew continued walking, Reloaded and bongo17 carrying dk16, they made it to the stage. The band was singing a horrible song. flaris took out his gunblade and the rest of the crew took out their weapons as well. They attacked but the band kept them back with airwaves coming from their guitarists, but Deeg and flaris fought back by playing their guitars, but the band overpowered them. flaris Jumped and swung at the drummer with his Gunblade and managed to kill him. They managed to take all of the members out, but the singer. They tried everything but nothing worked. flaris got frusterated, stuck the plunger on dk16's motionless body and tossed him at the singer. The singer did not see it coming and he got impaled. dk16 woke up just in time to see he was halfway through the singers body. flaris walked up to him and took back his plunger. He whacked dk16 on the head and that forced him to launch out of his body. Some strange victory music came out of nowhere and a sound said "Level 1 Complete" After that they all gained $175. Once they walked outside they saw Garibaldi, elite1 and SuperCLG fall out of the sky.

dk16: wearing futuristic battle armour (shiny) life: 100/79 /money: $265/weapon: blade/abilities: clown techniques

flaris: wearing black hoody with black baggy pant life: 100/100/money: $245/weapon: gunblade

Reloaded: wearing baggy black ninja pants and shirt life: 100/100/money: $275/weapon: wooden samurai sword

Lord_Gannon: wearing outback gear life: 100/100/money: $275/weapon: a knife and 2 grenades

bongo17: wearing army fatigues life: 100/100/money: $275/weapon: smoke grenade and lighter

Deeg: wearing a cape with warlord armour... black life: 100/100/money: $275/weapon: small mace

Koko: wearing Samurai outfit life: 100/100/money: $250/weapon: Samurai sword

jkjace: wearing anti-GC shirt and jeans life: 100/100/money: $245/weapon: sword

Gairbaldi: wearing default clothing life: 100/100/money: $100/weapon: plunger

elite1: wearing default clothing life: 100/100/money: $100/weapon: plunger

SuperCLG: wearing default clothing life: 100/100/money: $100/weapon: plunger

-Jake- bongo17 cheeza Deeg dk16 elite1 flaris Garibaldi jkjace jkjace2 Jonjo kingtangso KoKo Lord_Gannon Nicto10 Reloaded silver1490 sk8er Sk8ergirl SuperCLG Voght Zorg

The loading sceen appeared.

As did the faces of the characters currently in the game. The new level looked tougher as it showed the level map. All of the remaining crew had arrived, except Zorg who had yet to show up.

The group didn't rush into playing this level. They sat down and formed a plan of how they would attack each enemy. Voght sat down at the monitor, the joypad was gripped firmly in his hand. The level was named:

'The Trials of Hammu-don'

The group looked around oddly at each other, while the 256 bit colour characters tried to pull the same expressions, with some agony. The ground was bare. Ahead of them spanned miles of wasteland: railways, old streambeds, ruined concrete and garbage.

Back in the real world, a car pulled up outside, but no one noticed as everyone was concentrated on the game.

Voght lost control of character 'KoKo' for a split second and he ended up getting his leg trapped in a pothole. He lost 24 life! Not a very good start to the second level: with dk16 already on his second life, and another man starting to go down, Voght paused the game, leaving all the players motionless inside the game.

'I'm not playing this!' he shouted. 'You have to.' said a voice from the background. 'But, I dont want any of these guys' lives resting on my conscience.' 'Look Voght, there's no debate about it, you're the only one of us who has any idea of playing games like this. Everyone else is inside the computer.' 'Ok, look, as soon as one character loses a life, I'm out of it.' 'ok' chorused the room

Voght sat down again, the game now looked tougher than ever

he flicked the enter button resuming the game, and then came another birght flash of light and was warped into the game, landing as a default character, 3 lives, and sporting a curled mullet, with a metal pole as a weapon. the fall into the game had cost him 17 life, which was, once again, not the start he could have hoped for.

the rest of the group looked round in shock, wondering what would happen outside now.

in the real world, the group sat in silence, until a voice shouted 'HEY Y'ALL'. it was zorg, and funnily enough, this was his house, and his videogame,

'whatcha doing in here' he said as he stepped in

'MIND THE CAABL.........'

silence.........zorg had tripped over the wire running power to the computer, and it had shut down, noone could remember wether the game had been saved.............

Survivors: -Jake- bongo17 - computerised cheeza Deeg - computerised dk16 - computerised - 2 lives left elite1- computerised flaris - computerised Garibaldi - compputerised jkjace - computerised Jonjo kingtangso KoKo -computerised Lord_Gannon - computerised Nicto10 Reloaded -computerised silver1490 Sk8ergirl SuperCLG -computerised Voght Zorg

The remainder of those on the mission (flaris and Garibaldi) continued on to their next checkpoint, where they were to receive another phone call. When they reached their last stop flaris picked up the phone and listened.

“Get to the pay phone at the docks in Portland Harbor”

flaris some what disgusted that they now have to go all the way across town to answer a phone right next to where they started looked over at Garibaldi sitting behind the wheel of the van, suddenly he peeled off in the van chasing something down the street. flaris was left standing at the phone not knowing what was up or where his driver had left him. A few moments later Garibaldi returned but in a different vehicle. He honked the horn and screamed out the window

“Screw the mission we got the money” As flaris opened the passenger side door of the grupe sechs armored vehicle. flaris still dumbfounded

“asked how much is in their?”

“Bout five grand, more then we need to get out of this crappy level. I already paged the others there gonna meet us down at the airport, so lets get going.

15 minutes later the whole gang was assembled at the door of the airport, every one had received their tickets and was now boarded on the plane in coach, except for Garibaldi who had taken what was left over from the coach tickets and put himself in first class, where he ate caviar and drank fine champagne. When the group landed they looked up to the sky and saw a very imposing massive tower. On the level description sign it read

“To those of you who have made it this far, we will not try to stop you, please go ahead. But I assure you, you will find getting out alive hard enough.”

dk16 looking at the sign remarked “ I wonder what he means by that? Well any way we still have to go through this level to get out of this hell hole of a video game.”

They walked up a concrete walk way to the front of the building where to the horror of many in the group (and to the delight of other) they saw a giant neon sign that read “Welcome to Habbo Hotel” (play music from the shower scene from psycho)

Nicto10 now with a slight twitch in his eye finally snapped “first we had to go through a punk concert, then we were attacked by massive mechs, then we had to go through a cheezy rip off of GTA. But this is going way to far!”

The group walked in through the front doors. Just as soon as they walked through the door they heard a deafening sound as flaris, dk16, and bongo17 screamed like little school girls “Oh my god, its Dubya, the hotel manager! You other guys run along, were jut gonna chat a bit here.”

Those who were less then happy to be in this level at a very odd look in their eyes, as Garibaldi clutched the knife and ak-47 under his trench coat that he had kept from the last level, he calmly told the group “yes, let us go “mingle” with some of the tenants in the hotel” with that the group walked off to the elevator to the top floor.

dk16, flaris, and bongo17 were busy bowing before Dubya when one of them asked, “do you hear that?

“Hear what master?”

“I dunno it sounds like screams and gun shots. Its really weird”

SuperCLG, Deeg, Nicto10, Garibaldi, and the others came off the elevator when dubya asked them

“Did you guys hear anything strange while you were up their? Those who came off the elevator all started whistling like they had no idea what was gonig on. Dubya looked over at the them with a questioning look. “Could you explain why out of some twelve hundred inhabitants there are now only eighteen left?

Garibaldi mumbled under his breath “darn we missed a few” then more loudly, “perhaps they got bored and checked out, no matter we must be going, we found the way off this level while we were “mingling” with the tenants, dk16, flaris, bongo17, off your knees and lets go.”

They all took the elevator up as high it would go, they had to go up the service stairs from here. And dk16, flaris, and bongo17 tried to ignore all the blood stains on the carpet and walls. They reached the roof access door to a helicopter sitting on a heli-pad. They moved closer when they saw a sign on the door of the helicopter that read “maximum seating capacity 9"

dk16 now with a very concerned look on his face “we cant all fit in there, some of us are going to have to stay behind. That is what the sign meant, were arent gonna stop you, it knew we would have to fight each other to get off the level, those who stay behind will be trapped here forever. The only way I see this ending is for all of us to fight each other untill three of us are dead.”

The whole group was standing there thinking about what had to be done, just as dubya the hotel manager came through the service door up to the roof screaming “they did not check out, you killed them all!” after he was done yelling Garibaldi leveled his kalashnikov and sent a single round though dubya’s shoulder. Instnctivly dk16, flaris, and bongo17 ran to help, as Garibaldi motioned the others to get into the chopper. The engine started up and the bird picked off the ground leaving the three behind. Nicto10 tapped Garibaldi on the shoulder asking.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” asked Nicto10.

“Oh, yes. Thanks for reminding me.” replied Garibaldi.

Garibaldi again picked up the rifle and fired from the sky, one round right through dubya’s head. The chopper continued on for a few minutes as everyone’s final score was calculated, and the game credits rolled. There was a bright flash as they saw themselves rushing through circuts, and shot out of the computers floppy drive and reunited with those who were not computerized. It was a happy re-union, especially since flaris was not there.