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Halloween 2013

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Screenshot of the Halloween theme used for this year

Date of Launch:
Oct. 18th 2013

Event Ran Until:
Nov. 6th 2013


Click here for Legacy's Halloween 2012!

This Halloween consisted of the always spooky Costume Design and Horror Story Contest, Joe selling his usual goodies, costumes all around, and the ever popular Costume Contest!

Special Items

Bag of Candy 10c Bag of candy.png Give to your friends to celebrate halloween, it will heal
you for 75 health, but cannot be used when injured.
Plastic Horns 500c Plastic horns.png Wear these plastic devil horns to celebrate halloween,
although they serve no other purpose.
Plastic Halo 500c Plastic halo.png Wear this plastic halo to celebrate Halloween, although
they serve no other purpose.


These are various costumes that players and Staff used during Halloween time

ScottV.png Will Halloween.png Food Halloween.png Graponis Halloween.png Smokey11 Halloween.png Vinny Halloween.png Luffy Halloween.png Hohenheim Halloween.png

Halloween Spooky (Costume) Contest

Was hosted by Will in the Main forum. First came Guilt (+4 Staff Favor & Prize1 banner.png Banner), second went to Samcro (+3 Staff Favor) then third went to HellsBlast (+2 Staff Favor)


Guilt's winning entry:
Guilt's Halloween Entry!

My name is Constance.

Well, was. Now they call me the Woman in White.

You see, I had just gotten married. Gang members of all the councils assembled and celebrated me and my darling Tyran's wedding. There was a lot of laughter, champagne, smiles, and I thought I couldn't be happier.

On our way home, we attempted to board the inner tram toward our sector to celebrate this momentous occasion. When Tyran refused to give money to a desperate beggar in the station, he got violent. In the struggle I was elbowed onto the tracks. Tyran tried what he could, but it was too late. The train came. My body spread among the tracks and soon, so did the beggars. Tyran's rage took over. He became the irreconcilable monster you all know him to be.

I now roam the halls of the Hive. When he hears of my name I'd like to think a little bit of humanity returns to him... but there's nothing I can do. He doesn't see me through his veil of anger. I'm doomed to haunt these walls longing for a happily ever after that will never come.

So I end others nights and their happy ever afters since I can't have mine!

What was my night of intense joy turned into a night or horror. We are now the nightmares of the Hive.

The last thing they see will be a white light.


Samcro's entry:
Samcro's entry for the Halloween competition!

It was a lone halloween night , me and my friends put on our masks and headed out to get some candy from the neighours, so we were walkin round the street going from house to house collecting sweets. then we came to an old mansion on the edge of town "old man Scotts" place there wasnt another person i sight , me and my friends turned and looked at each other and said " should we go in" the old man's rich his gotta give us something good. so we pushed past the old gate and too the long walk up the crazy paving drive way. on reaching the front door there was a long straight knocker with balls at the bottom, it reminded me of something i cant remember what tho .

so we knocked on and waited nothing happened . so we turned to leave then we heard a scream. we looked at eachother in fear . do we go in or not ? we bottle it and start to leg it down the drive just as we reached the gate the floor opened and i feel tho alone the guys made it past the hole.

it was a long drop till i landed in what i thought was water it was dark wet and cold i found the edge and climbed out i crawled about in the dark and i could see a light as i began to walk toward ....

i woke up and it was a nice sunny day i was so happy that dream was startin to freak me i got out of bed and went to the bathroom then i caught myself in the mirrior and i was multi coloured

What happened last ngiht in tht hole , why cant i remember , what did scott do to me ?


HellsBlast's entry:
HellsBlast's entry for the Halloween competition!

The killer from the past:

Turn off your lights and Play this:

and if you're brave put this as your wallpaper: [1]

In a small house few years ago, there was a family who lived there, There were 2 parents and a small child named lucy. Lucy was 5 years old when she died, she was murdered by a strange killer whom never found. Today, The family has 2 more children, they are 14 and 16 years old. Older brother: "Hey lucy! (14 yo) come quick I found something! " Lucy: "What is it?" O.b: "you won't believe it, it's from an old newspaper, it says something about a murder of a child named lucy in this house!" Lucy:" It can't be! I'll ask mom" Lucy walks towards mom and asks her: Mom:"Yes it's true, we had a small girl named Lucy before you, Unfortunately , we never found the murderer"

After this day, the night became a nightmare to Lucy, she heard a deep scream, she woke up quick and found a skull in front of her, she screamed even loudly when she saw all the blood around her. All of the sudden, a small child appeared. Lucy whispered "Who are you?" The small child answered: "Can't you tell? I'm lucy" , silently whispered. A loud scream was heard once again coming from the small girl. "Why are you here! Tell me! What happened to you!" Lucy the teenager cried to her. Lucy the girl smiled at her and began to walk towards her bed. "Let's say, the murderer never was real", "In fact, I'm the one! "

After this night, Lucy was never found and the room remained silent, forever.

Halloween Awesome Hour

Something completely different was introduced for Halloween this time around. A special version of AH dedicated specifically to the Halloween theme. Questions consisted of various Legacy related Halloween things, movie knowledge, novel knowledge, as well as history.

Will's Forum Post announcing AH 16. (Click to enlarge!)
Image of Online Chat

Nov 5

How Long:
53 minutes

Ran by:


Questions Asked:

This special Halloween edition of Awesome Hour took place on Nov 5 at 8pm server time.

Points Table
Name Points Position Prize
13 1st +4 Staff Favor + Prize1 banner.png
9 2nd +3 Staff Favor
6 3rd +2 Staff Favor