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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Quick Summary

The Need to knows you don't "Need" to know

Michelle.png Gang Rep Outcasts Admin Clans
Hired Sept '13 In charge of Clan Moderation
Personal Name Gender DoB Location
Smiley 19.gif Michelle Smiley 19.gif Female Feb. 26, 1982 United States

I am assuming you have only made it this far due to geographical error... considering you have ended up on the wrong end of a one way dead end street... the lights have all blown and it appears noone is around.... Except me.

Welcome to my domain and i suppose as you are using your extremely valuable time to take these words into meaning i should shed a little light on the formalities. I was once known by the community as Farisees. She was a lighthearted sort that would chatter with any and all willing to take in her banter. She never took the competitive side to Legacy and simply lingered throughout the community. Floating in and out of existence She once landed in mist of the guides.---- Story time is currently over... i am tired and will finish this another day :) Thanks for sticking it our like a champ though ;)