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Gang Warfare Championships

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What is it?

Gang Warfare Championships (GWC) is an event that was created by Scott with the help of The Chamber of Elders. For one week in every wasteland rotation all gangs will be automatically enrolled in a championship. The objective will differ from the previous round as will how to achieve it, both will be published in a blog post exactly one week before it is due to go ahead. This will create unique and new environments for players, with different aims and objectives, different tactics and in some cases completely flipping the idea of warfare on its head.

The winner of each championship will receive prizes for the entire gang, the prizes will never be known up until it is time to announce the victor.


No championship is currently in progress...

Past Championships

First round: Aug. 20 - 27, 2015

Past Winners

1st Round: Blade of Dawn won the first round with a total of 196,060 points. The Council was offered multiple choices for rewards. In the end, they chose: a gang wide +2 Staff Favor, 20 Gang Points, and a Gang only Werewolves game ran by Will