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Gang Reputation

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Gang Reputation is a system in which players can gain and lose points with the four gangs within the game based on their position in their gang, gang favors, and who they kill in PVP.

One can view their reputation with each of the four gangs under the 'Reputation' tab in Information and a history of their accumulation of reputation points under the 'Reputation Log' tab in Player news.

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The Points System

Here are the various ranks based on how many gang reputation points one earns:

Reputation Rank
-10000 Marked Enemy
-9999 to -5000 Condemned
-4999 to 4999 Neutral
5000 to 9999 Recognized
10000 to 14999 Distinguished
15000 Eminent

Here are the ways in which to gain and lose gang reputation points:

-15 Defeating a member of a gang.
+5 Defeating a hated enemy of a gang.
+10 Defeating an at war enemy of a gang.
-50 Joining a hated gang.
-100 Joining an at war gang.
+50 Joining a specific gang.
-1000 Being kicked from a gang.
+50 Getting a favor from a member of the gang.
-50 Getting a disfavor from a member of the gang.
+20 Per day in a gang at rank 11 or higher.

NOTE: Avatars gain double the points for winning in combat as well as lose double the points with opposing gangs.


Accumulating a certain amount of gang reputation points allows one to choose a weapon when one hits 5,000 points (Recognized), and upgrades at 10,000 and 15,000 points (Distinguished and Eminent). Such weapons and upgrades are available at levels 30, 50, 70, and 80 costing 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, and 30,000 credits, respectively. These weapons can be bought in the Gang Citadels Reputation Shop located within the Gang Control Panel.

For more information on said weapons and upgrades, see Gang Weapons.