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Game Updates

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You can view game updates on the main page.
Further details of each update are usually posted in the Creator's Blog when they are put into the game, and occasionally there will be a post in the main forum.

Since Zorg got rid of the version numbering off the game (before it was just a simple list of changes/bugfixes), the game now uses a update system with the latest changes.
For examples of the old numbering system click here.

Below is an image from the game's update page with explanations of the information shown.

Updates explained.png


These are pages you can use to navigate between all recorded updates.


This is the rating system.
You can give a + or - rating on the update. Beside the voting buttons you can also see all the players that have voted, whether they voted + or - is shown by the color of the text their name is in.


These are the update's details.
Each update has a name and number, a date, a record of how many scripts were changed and it will also show a corresponding ticket number, this is usually used for bug fixes.


This is the update's description, a brief explanation of what has changed.


Here you can filter what kind of updates you see.
You can choose between "Game Updates", "Game Additions", "Bug Fixes", "Typo Fixes" or "Removals".


This is a list of the scripts that had changes.

Old Version Numbering

See the old version numbering for more details about the old game updates.
Version 1.5.00
Version 1.7.00