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Update 1.5.00

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Patch version 1.5.00 contained a huge amount of changes to game mechanics and the stat and item systems. The changes are listed below with some added explanation and some questions/answers at the end. Feel free to add questions if you have them and we will post the answers.

PATCH : 1.5.00

  • Redesigned information to display new stats.
Addition of new skills, speed change, dodge, damage and armor plus some new tooltips.
  • Replaced old speed stat with new dodge stat.
Dodge now works like speed used to, speed is used to decide who attacks first instead.
  • Complete redesign of every item in the games stats.
All items have new stats, skills and all weapons have damage ranges calculated for them.
  • Changed points per level to 2 and starting points down to 3.
You now have less ways to spend your points so get less points to spend per level.
  • Changed item overlay to display new stat system.
  • Changed avatar skills to reflect new stat system changes.
Various avatar skills were changed to work with the new stat system.
  • Changed point spending and dojo to new stat system.
  • Changed item pop up displays to work with item overlay images.
  • Changed avatar melee spec to increase accuracy instead of damage.
Melee spec giving a damage bonus was too over-powered, so it just gives accuracy now.
  • Changed hunting drops to give 3 trades to subscribers.
  • Added tooltips to skill boxes in character information display.
Updated all the small pop up boxes to display more detailed information.
  • Using mixed items will now give you double the skill bonus from weapons.
This is a balance fix to remove the disadvantage from using 2 of the same weapon types.
  • Hunting characters now gain the skill bonus from mixing weapons.
Again just a balance fix as above, doesn't give any advantage to mixed weapon users.
  • Forums will no longer display cross-forum threads.
  • Redesigned hit equations to always give 50% when stats are equal.
Low level players will no longer get like 43% chance to hit someone with identical stats.
  • Fixed profile might display to work with new stats.
  • Fixed upgrades to correctly work with new stat system.
  • Fixed signup to correctly work with new stat system.
  • Fixed side chat interweaving that sometimes occured during lag.
  • Fixed Subscription system to correctly end the subscription sale.
  • Fixed fatigue bug that was zeroing stats.
  • Fixed various player list display issues in wasteland.
  • Fixed profile sex field to default to Unknown on signup.
  • Profile gender fields were creating errors when left black on new accounts.
  • Fixed double heals in hospital during game lag.
  • Fixed phase/movement sticking in wasteland when injured.
  • Fixed artifact activation at midnight to correctly reset.
  • Fixed dead link items when using healing items quickly.
  • The presence of guards will no longer stop building healing.
Strange bug where by you couldn't heal or help build a structure if friendly guards were there.
  • Added multiple fail safes to stop double gang favors during lag.
You may get a system is busy error if lots of people are favoring/disfavoring at the same time.
  • Players can no longer overflow profile fields.
  • Voting points should no longer underflow.
  • Multi-attack errors will no longer come randomly in warfare.
  • Removed stat display from classic inventory.
Yeah, stats in the classic inventory were so out of sync with what is in information.


How much speed do I need?

As little as possible, 5 more points than the guy you're fighting. You have to work it out, if you're fighting someone and you have 50 more points of speed than they have that is 9 points that are going to waste as you only need 5 more to score the first hit not the other 45.

How do double hits and the 2 weapons work now?

Each weapon has its own damage range, every attack consists of an attempted hit with each weapon. So if you have a sword and a pistol, you take 1 attempt to hit with the pistol and then 1 with the sword. You get the skill and accuracy bonuses from both weapons on each hit, but only the damage range of the weapon being used.

How do skills increase?

If you hit with a weapon but fail to do damage that weapon skill goes up and if you get hit your defense skill goes up. Skills will go up 1 point at a time until you reach the maximum for your level, the maximum increases by 5 points with every level and can be seen in information. When the bars in information are at 100% that skill cannot be trained any further until you level up again.

What does dodge do?

Exactly the same thing as Speed used to do. Gives you a chance to dodge vs accuracy.

How much HP do I need now?

Probably more than you used to have, because nobody really ever had enough. But not much more, it is about the same.

What does armor do?

Decreases the amount of damage you take, if you have 24 points of armor and get hit for 76 damage... you would of been hit for 100 if not for your armor. Thats how it works basically, with some complicated maths that determine the max percentage it can absorb when armor is far higher than damage.

Why is my might higher than someone my level with the same items as me?

You have more skills trained higher than they have, if your items are different then your might will most likely not be the same as it used to be even if you both train your skills to full. Items effect on might is a lot more complicated than it used to be and as such mights have changed.

Are the chances to hit or might percentages bugged?

Not at all, if you think they are wrong you misunderstand how the new system works. They have been fully tested and are working fine now.

Why do I have less points to spend now?

You only get 2 points per level up and new players only start with 3 points to spend, as you have less to spend them on now!