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Equipment Ability System

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Equipment Abilities can be found on various items within the game. They primarily help with combat, but can have many different effects.

  • Items with a ** have a special variant with the listed Ability and is not found on the normal version.
Level Ability Trigger Chance Description Source
Level 1 Berserk 100% Chance Fills the weapon with every damage dealt to enemies. Gun Blade MK4
Ritual Dagger IV
Warlords Katana
Bio Gun MK4
Level 1 Exposure Loss 5% Chance When equipped, the wielder has a chance to lose 5% radiation exposure after defeating another player. Artifact Axe
Level 2 Fatigue Immunity 20% Chance When equipped, the wielder has a chance to not gain fatigue. Volt Whip
Level 5 50% Chance Phantom Toothbrush
Level 1 Motivational Entity 2% Chance When equipped, the wielder will receive motivational tips from a strange entity within this item. Infinite Void Bow
Level 2 4% Chance Shard of Destruction
Level 5 10% Chance Infinite Legion Armor
*Rented Camo Rift Gun*
Level 1 Phantom Speed 100% Chance While equipped, the wielder will always go first when actively attacking another player. They can also move 2 seconds quicker in the Wasteland. Phantom Armor
Level 3 Rejuvenation 3% Chance When equipped, the wielder has a chance to gain 25 energy after defeating another player in the Wasteland. Forgotten Amulet