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Warlords Katana

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Warlords Katana
Warlords katana.png
Sell Price:
The perfect katana used by highly respected members of the Blade of Dawn.

The Warlords Katana is a level 80 Melee type weapon only obtainable from within Blade of Dawn.


Big katana4.png
Warlords Katana
Type Melee
Rarity Godlike
Requirement Level 80
Damage 76-94 D. Skill 15
Accuracy 32 G. Skill 0
Dodge 0 M. Skill 42
Speed 50 P. Skill 0
Armor 0


Level 1 Berserk (100% Chance)

Upon dealing 100,000 Damage (After last activation if previously used), you can Activate this ability from the Inventory Screen to increase the weapon stats by 20% for 1 hour.

  • Damage dealt while active will count towards next activation.
  • 20% stat increase is after Upgrades and Crystals are calculated.


The item can be acquired from: