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Forgotten Amulet

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Forgotten Amulet
Forgotten amulet.png
Sell Price:
This strange amulet seems to be partially out of phase with reality; it will soon vanish.

The Forgotten Amulet is one of the special items obtainable for temporary use through the Phantom Event.


The Forgotten Amulet can be obtained through the random distribution of Phantom Items every 4 hours or by killing another player (Either while Attacking or in Self Defense) as long as you are actively participating in the Phantom Event (Enabled in Settings -> Game Settings).


Big forgottenam.png
Forgotten Amulet
Type Misc
Rarity Phantom
Requirement Level 80
Damage 0 D. Skill 50
Accuracy 50 G. Skill 0
Dodge 50 M. Skill 0
Speed 500 P. Skill 0
Armor 0


Level 3 Rejuvenation (3% Chance)

When equipped, the wielder has a chance to gain 25 energy after defeating another player in the Wasteland.


The item can be acquired from:

  • Participation in the Phantom Event
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