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Drone Weapons

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Scav drone.gifWelcome to the Drone Bays.Scav drone.gif

Mine drone.gifHere you can build and customize your own drones.Mine drone.gif

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Drone Bays
Drone Weapons
Drone Repairs
Drone Skill Tree
Name Speed Min. Damage Max. Damage Location found
Chainsaw Augmentation Chainsaw Augmentation 1 1 5 Sold at Black Market
Grenade Launcher Augmentation Grenade Launcher Augmentation 0 2 7 Unreleased
Beam Sword Augmentation Beam Sword Augmentation 2 3 6 Drop from Guardian X-1025
Burst Lasers Burst Lasers -1 1 9 Drop from X-Corp Droids
Rapid Lasers Rapid Lasers 5 3 5 Drop from Aida
Auto Defense Turrets Auto Defense Turrets 3 4 6 Unreleased
Heavy Railguns Heavy Railguns -2 5 12 Drop from Tyran
Flak Cannon Flak Cannon 1 3 10 Unreleased