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Dev Server

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Screenshot of the Dev Server

Ran by:
Will & Zorg

Testing Server for Legacy

Staff and Avatars

New Layout for Legacy V2

The Dev Server is a second copy of Legacy where changes are tested. This allows changes like bug fixes and the Gang System to be brought into the main server more efficiently and with less problems. In order to use the Dev Server, you have to be invited by Zorg. Up until November 2007 only staff had been allowed on it, but to test the new stat system, all the Avatars were invited to play. Now whenever someone reaches Avatar they can find a Dev access code at the Continuum in the Off Plane. The access code will allow them to get onto the Dev Server.

After the Avatars joined, a new system had to be put in place. If you get any sort of Disfavor or Ban you are banned from the Dev server until the Disfavor/Ban has expired. This is because some Avatars were taking advantage of the fact that they thought they could break the Dev's Terms of Service without being punished. The two staff members that have control over DEV are Will (Staff Manager), Zorg (Creator).