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Image of the gang descriptions

Gangs refer to one of the four groups of players that participate in the quarterly wasteland competition. Gangs are not mandatory to join, and players are free to "go rogue" or play without a gang affiliation. However, doing so will bar them from competing in the wasteland. Players are automatically placed in the gang with the lowest total level when they first log in to their account. If a player chooses to leave the gang and join another, the cost is 500c. The four gangs are The Chapter, Dark Flame, Blade of Dawn, and the Outcasts. Each of the gangs have different political structures, with The Chapter, Blade of Dawn, and Outcasts being various forms of democracies, while Dark Flame is a dictatorship.

Color Represents
Normal Rank
Newbie Helper
Appointed Leadership
Gang Leadership
Rank Summary
Rank # Description Power
Rank Group 1 Novice rank and entry rank for new members of the gang. - View Gang Library.

- View Member List.
- Gain exp bonus from War and Hated status.
- Gain a badge next to their name.
- Access to the Novice Forum.

Rank Group 2 [Requires 2 favor] Basic member access, no real say in the running of the gang. - View Vote System and current votes.

- Cannot be kicked without a majority council vote.
- Can vote in Referendums started by gang leadership.

Rank Group 3 [Requires 7 favor] New member, however still with little say over gang politics.
- Access to the Members Forum.
Rank Group 4 [Requires 17 favor] Full member, can help make decisions. No chance of leadership yet though.
- Gain access to view Private Gang logs.

- Can vote in contests for council positions.

Rank Group 5 [Requires 42 favor] Veteran member, with the power to cast judgment on other peoples actions.
- Can cast favors / disfavors on other members.
Rank Group 6 [Requires 92 favor] Dedicated member that can apply for leadership positions within the gang.
- Can join contests for positions on the council. (Gang Dependent)

- Can start contests against the council. (Gang Dependent)
- Can be appointed to higher positions in the gang.

Rank Group 7 [Requires 167 favor] Popular member who has received a lot of gang favor.
- No new abilities.
Rank Group 8 [Requires 267 favor] Long time member of the gang and all around old guy.
- No new abilities.
Rank Group 9 [Requires 417 favor] Old as dirt and been in this gang since he was a little kid.
- No new abilities.
Rank Group 10 [Requires 617 favor] Possibly older and more popular than the council members.
- No new abilities.
Rank 11 : Novice Helper x 5

[Appointed by Novice Master]

Dedicated to helping new members learn the ropes.
- Moderation powers over the Novice forum.
Rank 12 : Novice Master [Appointed by Leader] In charge of novices and novice helpers.
- Access to Gang Leadership forum.

- Can appoint up to 5 novice helpers. (Unique to Rank)
- Can silence gang members from using gang chat in the wasteland.

Rank 13 : Economic Advisor

[Appointed by Leader]

Member of the gang leadership and assistant to the council.
- Moderation powers over the Member forum.
Rank 14 : War Advisor [Appointed by Leader] In charge of offensive strategies against enemy gangs.
- No new abilities.
Rank 15 : Enforcer [Appointed by Leader] Upholder of gang rules, judge, jury and executioner.
- Can start kick votes against members of the gang.

- Can instantly kick rank 1 members of the gang.

36 Hours a reason needs to be provided
Rank 16 : Ambassador [Appointed by Leader] In charge of diplomatic relations and communication with other gangs.
- No new abilities.
Rank 17 : Council x 5 [Elected by Members/Cain] Member elected council, make all decisions about the gang.
- Can vote in kick votes against members.

- Can vote on a leader from the council.
- Moderation powers over Gang Leadership forum.

Rank 18 : Leader [Elected by Council] Council elected figurehead, spokesperson and leader of the gang.
- Can appoint ranks 12 to 16 from members.
- Can change gang news

Favors / Disfavors

Once you reach rank 5 you gain the ability to give other members in your gang favors and disfavors, the total favor of a member is used to determine their rank from 1 up to 10. Ranks 11 to 18 work differently and are unaffected by such favors as they are appointed in various other ways.

Each rank from 5 up to 18 has a different strength favor, that will work in either a positive or negative way against someones rank depending on how they use it. Each member gets to cast 1 favor or disfavor each day, and they cannot be saved up over time. For how much favor you must accumulate to reach a certain rank, check out the rank summary page. Below is a list of the ranks that can favor / disfavor and the strengths they have.

Ranks & Favor Points
Rank' Favor Strength
Rank 5 1 Point
Rank 6 2 Points
Rank 7 3 Points
Rank 8 4 Points
Rank 9 5 Points
Rank 10 6 Points
Rank 11 (Newbie Helper) 6 Points
Rank 12 (Newbie Master) 8 Points
Rank 13 (Economic Advisor) 10 Points
Rank 14 (War Advisor) 10 Points
Rank 15 (Enforcer) 12 Points
Rank 16 (Ambassador) 12 Points
Rank 17 (Council) 15 Points
Rank 18 (Leader) 16 Points

Votes and Politics

How the council is elected in your Gang is very dependent on which gang you are in, kick votes and referendums are the same in all the gangs however.

  • Kick Votes
If the gang leadership wants to kick someone from the gang who is over rank 1, they must start a kick vote. This vote is voted on by the 5 council members, and must gain 3 votes of yes before the kick will be processed. The enforcer, ambassador, council and leader can start these votes. If they are rank 1 they can be instantly kicked If they are rank 1 with an inactive time of 36 hours or more leadership must provide a valid reason.
  • Referendums
These are votes that have little effect, they are used simply to measure public opinion on different topics. Gang leadership may set a referendum up with any question and any number of options, results will not be displayed until the vote has closed.
  • Forced Contests
All council members have the option to step down from positions voluntarily, if this happens a forced contest will open. Which will remain locked until 2 people enter, this contest will not be closed until a replacement is found. This also happens if a council member is kicked or deleted from the game. None of this happens in the Dark Flame however, if a member of the council steps down then Cain finds a replacement.
  • Contests
Contests are used to determine who is on the council, and they are gang dependent. So are explained below for each gang.

The Chapter

Any member of rank 6 or higher can contest for a position on the council, they simply choose a member of the council and contest them. The process costs 500 credits, a vote will then open with the member and the council member listed as options. This vote will remain locked for 2 days to allow other people to join it at an equal cost of 500 credits. After 2 days the contest will open for voting, all members of rank 4 or higher will vote and the winner will take the place on the council. The voting period lasts 5 days.


The voting process works exactly the same as the Chapters, however the voting period lasts only 2 days instead of 5 days after the vote opens.

Blade of Dawn

Members of this gang may not start contests, instead 5 contests (one for each of the council) open on the 1st of every month. Members of rank 6 or higher may join these contests at the cost of 500 credits. After 2 days the vote will open and last for 5 days, at the end of which the winner will take the place. If nobody joins the contest, the council member keeps their place.

Dark Flame

There are no contests in this gang, the council is assigned by the gangs mysterious deity called Cain. All decisions are final, and no argument about council positions is allowed.

Council and Leaders

The 5 members of the council each have a vote they can cast for the leader, they can either choose to vote for themselves or someone else. This vote and its end result are all done in real time through Gang Controls. In the result of a draw, or the majority of the council not casting their vote there will be no leader assigned. The leader retains all powers as a member of the council, and simply gains some new abilities on top of that.

All leaders should only use their extra abilities with the consent of the council.

Gang forums

Every gang has his own set of four forums. The first forum is the novice forum (the lowest forum, where everyone can post in), this regularly used for gang games and other vital information that will help you further in the gang and game. The second forum is the members forum. You only get there if you rank 3 and above. This forum is for gang discussions. The third one is the Elder forum, this forum is a private forum for leadership to talk and only accessible for rank 12 and up.

Note: Every gang has other names for the forums, but they work the same way.


War and Hated Status

Each gang hates another gang and is at war with another, this status cannot be changed and is due to the differing beliefs gangs have. You can see the status of each gang in the gang list.

Due to gang members being unable to attack 25% of the game, they gain experience bonuses for defeating those in opposing gangs. If you defeat a member of a gang your gang is at war with you gain +50% and

The Chapter

At war with Dark Flame, and hates the Blade of Dawn. Due to the evil and cruel practices of the Dark Flame the Chapter are at war with them, they also hate the Blade of Dawn as they openly call the Chapter corrupt.

The Dark Flame

At war with the Chapter, and hates the Outcasts. They are irritated by the Chapters self righteous attitude, and find the Outcast ideal of freedom weakness.

The Blade of Dawn

At war with Outcasts, and hates the Chapter. Holding honor above all else they see the Outcasts a chaotic plague, they also dislike the Chapter as they are dishonorable and corrupt.

The Outcasts

At war with Blade of Dawn, and hates the Dark Flame. Opposes to organizations built on strong rules like the Blade of Dawn they also hate the Dark Flame for their belief in slavery.

Staff Reps

Staff Reps
Outcasts The Chapter Dark Flame Blade of Dawn
Michelle.png Scott.png Will.png Scott.png
Michelle Scott Will Scott

Each gang is appointed a staff rep, this rep is there to moderate the forums and make sure that the system is run fairly. All actions of the council must be within the Gang Rules set down in their library. Any complaints about the actions of Gang Leadership should go to the Gangs Staff Rep.

Gang Wars

Main Article: Gang Warfare

The general idea of warfare is that the four gangs battle against each other on a grid-based map.


Part of a user's profile, indicating they are a Rogue.

Anyone not a member of one of the four Gangs (Blade of Dawn, Dark Flame, Outcasts, & The Chapter) is called a Rogue. These players have no allegiance and can attack anyone (and thus do not earn EXP bonuses), but at the same time anyone can attack them. In becoming a Rogue, a player voluntarily opts out of Gang-specific features; they do not have direct access to items exclusive to Gang members, and cannot participate in Gang Warfare. Rogues have access to an exclusive forum.