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Combat Log

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The Combat Log was one of the main features of Update 1.7.00. The Combat Log is in the upper-right hand corner of the Legacy screen and shows multiple things as they happen to your character in real time. The Log shows when someone attacks you, when money or items are transferred, when someone gets favored or disfavored, wasteland alerts, and many more things. The Combat Log can be customized to only show certain events and the color of the font can be changed for each event.

Customize Options

You can customize a lot of settings, you can give each option a special color and you can either disable specific messages. Those messages are:

  • Incoming Attacks
  • Wins / Losses
  • Credit Transfers
  • Item Transfers
  • Market Sales
  • Forum Activity
  • Gang Rank Change
  • Gang Public Log
  • Gang Alerts
  • Clan Rank Change
  • Clan Logs
  • Ability Training
  • Achievements
  • Achievement Progress
  • Mail Received
  • Platinum Received
  • Blog Postings
  • Game Updates
  • System Messages

Please note: You can change these settings in Template Control under Settings