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Clan Events

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Clan events are events put together by someone in a clan, usually involving a prize such as credits or an item. These types of events range from competitions to lotteries and are generally run through the clan forum. Some clan events that have done are listed below.

  • Lotteries: Probably the most common event for clans. Run like most lotteries- you pick a number and whoever gets the correct one wins. Some of these lotteries require credits donated to the clan bank to enter.
  • Body competitions: Whichever entrant has the coolest looking body wins. Decided by votes by from gang members or picked judges. Can be themed, like Christmas or Halloween.
  • Signature competitions: Like body competitions, except with signatures instead.
  • Hangman: Played like regular hang man, except each clan member is limited to guessing one letter a day. The first one to guess the message wins the prize.
  • E-Scavenger Hunt: Someone hides words in capitals in his old posts in the forums by editing them. The first person to gather all the words wins.