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Caption Contest

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The Caption Contest was started by Scott in the games forum on August 21st 2012. The contest simply starts off with a situation portrayed with players or Voluntary Helpers featured with speech bubbles. Players can then edit the image, putting text in the speech bubbles and adding whatever they wanted to it (within reason of course).


1. Read THREAD Instructions,
2. Take Image/Look at Image,
3. Add prizewinning caption or speech to the bubbles,
4. Wait,


Determined at the time of contest (may vary from contest to contest).

Round 1

Image Type of Round Contestants
Drawn by anialator
Individual Macey, anialator, chipmonkey, Aids, Mandle, Guilt, ExDeath, Sepultura, uglymug, jiggy

Name Image/Caption Prize
1st ExDeath - +4 Staff favor, Expanded Inventory, Prize1 banner.png, and 1000 credits
2nd BadSniper, anialator - +3 Staff favor and 500 credits
3rd jiggy, Guilt, Mandle - +2 Staff favor and 250 credits

Past Entries