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A History of Ani

At the time of writing this entry, I have been a member of Legacy for 8 years and 206 days. What you will read is a recollection of the many events that I have played a part in during my journey through this game. Expect some drama, secret plotting and hopefully many fond memories. I have played Legacy with a near perpetual embarrassment of my 2 year younger self and in going through my own history I am sure to cringe regularly. Browsing through old forums to refresh my memory for some of it, Enjoy.

April 2007

So lets begin our story on I believe the 12th of April 2007. I was a 12 year old (Oh snap call the police) kid doing some work in the school library who decided he wanted to play a game. I come across a game in an MMO list called Gangsterz2. I sign up, talk in the side chat, and immediately love the interactive aspect of the game, it was very easy to become a recognised player in a short amount of time. My first gang was, you guessed it! The Chapter!

My joining of the gang was not long after two big events in TC. First, The Exodus, where numerous players from many gangs moved to join the Dark Flame, who were at the time the Wasteland powerhouse. Second was the famous Chapter purge, where we had voted collectedly to remove any inactive accounts from our gang, so as to give more players for TC to attack, and to reduce exp gains by enemy gang members. Leadership at this time consisted of players such as Ross, Primie, Kolgena and Skorne.

Before long I get the wise idea, "If I had two accounts, I could get credits twice as quickly!" This was a pretty bad move and I was rapidly caught by staff, banned for 1 week and kicked from The Chapter for my multi. It seems fate would have me return however, and having paid for my actions TC were happy to take me back in. Over time I slowly rose through the ranks, levelled and captured land, and in time began applying for higher ranks. I recollect getting a bit of funding from K3nny so a shout out to him for that. :)

Early 2008

Around this time Heggs had signed up to Legacy, and had rapidly gained popularity and a Leadership position. As I recall she was a very effective leader, ran things well and kept a reasonably level head. Alas this was not the case for pre-pubescent me. Hormones perhaps? I had applied for War Master about a year after my sign up but the position went to a more experienced player. A few months later I managed to get the Trainer Master position. My main recollection and probably one of my least favourable decisions was in response to a player called Jake, who I had hinted was a likely candidate as a Trainer. However a new and I felt better applicant joined the running and took the position instead. This ended up making Jake feel betrayed, and resulted in him reacting badly and getting kicked from the gang. If you're reading this Jake, sorry about that man.

Mid 2008

At this time I was still in Elders, I believe as TM. TC and DF were in a non aggression pact, as were OC and BoD. This was a few months before the first map reset where we swapped to the lava map. OC took a very interesting strategy, letting themselves be one squared to force TC and DF to take one another's land. My 2 cents on the issue was that I was fine with OC doing that. More squares made TC look more powerful, and would get more players moving to our gang. Can't remember how that ended up, but I believe I recall a glitch that prevented TC from taking DF land at the west bridge. I think Jake attacking DF refineries to mess with us was also a part of what got him kicked.

Bit after this I decided to step down from TM, I expect exams at this time didn't leave me enough time for my TM duties.

Early 2009

From November 2008 and onwards I had been eager to get back into a Leadership position. With my past TM experience I quickly filled a slot on the Trainer team, and I feel I did a pretty good job at it. It was about now I had reached Avatar too, with a massive bank account in the Avatar Fund. Hell it did take me nearly 2 years to reach Avatar, even with it being harder to reach Avatar in those days! That left me about 50k in there. Within a month or so of being a Trainer the librarian position opened up, and with Jerv as my tutor I started running that position. Heh, Scott (Maddoctor at the time I think) was TC Chamber Marshall. Rather fitting he's our menacing overlord now.

We had Rod in Leadership about this time too, I always saw him as kind of my rival, levelling and gaining rank at a similar pace to me. Wish he'd stayed in TC, swell guy.

Mid 2010

About now I would have been leaving the Librarian position. I kinda dropped off the radar a bit, casually playing, probably because of the exam season. I do remember I had started Graphic Art class, and had started producing signatures and images for players, won a few TC art competitions. Otherwise I didn't really aim for any higher Leadership positions, did Trainer again for a little while here and there. By Mid 2010 Jerv decided that me and another player deserved to be rank 10, and began pushing me up the ranks. Boy howdy I don't think anyone would get away with that in TC now. We got Ben in as Librarian around now, and I suspect he hasn't left the Librarian position since, likely a record held by TC. XD

Late 2010

This was the second time I became a Trainer Master, and things went a lot more smoothly this time around. I got a lot more active in Warfare planning. Not sure who the War Master at the time was. I do know it wasn't Paxed however, he wasn't interested in Leadership, just in absolutely annihilating the Wasteland. It was 2010 where he broke and I suspect holds the record for fastest player to reach Rank 10: Champion in TC of 100 days! (And he certainly wasn't an Avatar, no one got Avatar in 100 days back then) And this was without the kind of power favour I was given! Actually I think he left and then rejoined us, and got rank 10 again due to weekly favours from top 10 WFP, so he may also be the only person to go from rank 1 to 10 in TC twice as well!! XD

Throughout my time as Leadership, I have referred to his advice on matters of the Wasteland for TC. Whilst directly leading was not his style, he had a very good instinct for Wasteland tactics, which I would put together in images to plan TC attacks. Appreciate the help over the years bro. <3

After a few months I became Council for the first time, I think Lilo was the Arb in charge then, I drew a few choice bits of art work of him. Checking my Photobucket I get this: Real f**kin edgy there teenage Ani. I also drew a sig for Jerv, I forget the context but hey it's Jerv if you know him it explains itself:

Early 2011

I figure this is where I started to become one of the more respected members of TC. (at least from within TC itself) Was about 17 now, so my teenage shenanigans had begun to level off. I was liked enough to be a rep for the TC LegCon. (you need to bring that back Zorg) Due to past experience I was the Council member set as the Trainer Master Mentor, though this didn't stop me putting in my 2 cents on Warfare issues. (I do love being a War Master) The Trainer Master at this time was Charles427, a player on my Trainer Team whilst I was was TM, who was professional and kept things running smoothly. Do miss that guy. RL friend Blade99 had joined the Trainer team under Charles about this time too, he was a well respected Trainer, earned Trainer of the Month and helped us sort out a few minor disputes.

We still had Heggs in Leadership at this time, though I think she may have left Council for a short stint, she was back in as Arbitrator in 2011. Still doing a very good job, though I think occasional drops in Leadership activity did annoy her a bit.

Mid 2011

Once again I had left my Leadership position as Council, but this time instead of becoming less active I did so to take over the Trainer team, which needed some tlc. Or as I called it my IRON FIST. I had actually asked people to contest me so we wouldn't have a week of an open Council position, but ended up winning that vote so had to step down manually. There was quite the discussion on how to avoid that happening again. XD Continued my input with Leadership over wasteland building plans for the first ever running of the Sentry map! We had a great set up, and came very close to securing first, just beaten by OC who's grip on the North and west objectives got them the edge needed to win. Screenshot attached

This was also about the time of the Bladez fiasco. I believe this was the first big argument I (along with pretty much all TC Leadership at the time) had with staff. Harassment of TC gang members led to Bladez being kicked, however the staff member assigned to this incident felt this was unjust. I talked to Bladez, having initially expected he was playing the staff for fools by pretending to want to be civil, he seemed reasonable, so we paid him 500c to return and favoured him until his rank was returned. (Zorg outright refused to do it manually and was a dick about TC which was rather annoying) Turns out my suspicion was justified, the moment we returned him to normal rank, he left again. Feels good to be right.

We also lost Heggs about this time, Legacy politics were becoming a bit heavy, and with the game no longer enjoyable she quietly left.

Late 2011

By now the Trainer team was looking healthy once more, and I returned to my position as Council and Trainer Master Mentor. This was also my first time as an Arbitrator. About now we had Blade99 as Chamber Marshall. I remember leaving the gang to his control for the week while I went away for my Dad's wedding, fantastic responses from council to that. XD

Around about now is when I first noticed something that would have a huge impact not only on The Chapter, but all gangs considering matters of the Wasteland. The actions of a clan known as the Spartans, initially a DF war clan, their goals changed around the start of 2011. From what I understand there was a disagreement between Hincha, a very influential Spartan, and the Black Hand as to where to attack in the wasteland, with both parties spamming alerts. A member of DF Leadership contacted Staff to have Hincha removed from his position in Leadership as the Overseer was not online. The Spartans were displeased with this and so their goal was now to improve the Dark Flame - the method of which would be to pressure those they disapprove of to step down, as DF was a dictatorship and contesting was not an option.

It was at this time Cain made an announcement that the Spartans were traitors of the Dark Flame. This triggered a mass migration of Spartans to begin a year long campaign to one square the Dark Flame so as to crush the DF Leadership at the time. This event resulted in DF getting last place in the Wasteland 3 maps in a row, as they migrated from gang to gang. First to the Outcasts on the second interation of the Sentry map, then to TC for the third interation of the Desert map, and later to BoD. In their time with TC they provided an effective Wasteland force, allowing us to pull one of my favourite Wasteland prank around DF HQ; "Smiles" which lasted for 72 hours:

Nearing the start of the school holidays, we had started having issues with a TC player named Gohan who began acting up. We got word that he was creating an Anti-TC Clan called The Crusaders. Involved with this clan funnily enough was the Bladez previously mentioned, as well as Ice, Hannikohl and Infamous. Once the simple matter of getting a spy into the clan was achieved it was clear that they were disorganised and not a threat, no thanks yet again to our staff representative at the time. XD We discussed the clan with Gohan who apologised for creating it, after which we removed the favour lock on his account.

I also retook the Trainer Master position, and after he had earned his rank, took on Gohan as a Trainer. Our staff rep at the time Pascal was removed for staff to make way for Legacy's joining of Hunted Cow Studio's, who were looking to reduce the number of Volunteer Helpers. He rejoined The Chapter under the name SuddenBlue. The Spartans were still with us, but were setting up preparations to move to the next gang.

To be continued.