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BoD Vampires 3

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The following is a summary of the third Blade of Dawn/Vampires game.

Player List

Player Name Role Alive at end? Notes
Explosions Elder, Merchant No Died on day 3.
jsands294 Doctor No Mod-killed on day 1.
Pyro02 Bat-Vampire, Witch YES Winner
Durke Sheriff No Killed by Vampires on day 1.
HanzoRazor Loner No Killed by Dracula on day 3.
tigerdeth Villager No Lynched on day 3.
anonymous1 Priest No Killed by Sheriff on day 1.
LordPain The Vampire Hunter No Killed by Vampires on day 2.
kiefer Dracula YES Winner
naenae Wizard No Killed by Dracula on day 2.
KevinMp Hypno-Vampire No Lynched on day 2.
StarvinDog Sorcerer No Died on day 3.

Play-by-Play Summary

Day 1

Villagers vote no lynch.

jsands294 (Doctor) removed from game.

LordPain (The Vampire Hunter) splashes kiefer (Dracula), he shows as Villager.

StarvinDog (Sorcerer) scans naenae as Wizard (good).

Pyro02 (Bat-Vampire, Witch) gives poisoned apple to StarvinDog (Sorcerer).

Pyro02 (Bat-Vampire, Witch) silinces LordPain (The Vampire Hunter).

Durke (Sheriff) shoots and kills anonymous1 (Priest).

KevinMp (Hypno-Vampire) hypnotizes naenae (Wizard).

Vampires target and kill Durke (Sheriff).

Day 2

Villagers vote to lynch KevinMp (Hypno-Vampire).

Pyro02 (Bat-Vampire, Witch) silinces naenae (Wizard).

kiefer (Dracula) kills naenae (Wizard).

LordPain (The Vampire Hunter) splashes StarvinDog (Sorcerer).

StarvinDog (Sorcerer) scans LordPain as The Vampire Hunter (good).

Pyro02 (Bat-Vampire, Witch) gives poisoned apple to tigerdeth (Villager).

Vampires target and kill LordPain (The Vampire Hunter).

Day 3

Villagers vote to lynch tigerdeth (Villager).

kiefer (Dracula) kills HanzoRazor (Loner).

Vampires kills off the remaining villagers.

Vampires wins!



Naurix 10 000c

Total: 10 000c

Each winner got 5000.