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Awesome Hour 7

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5th June 2010

How Long:
70 mins

Run by:
Scott & dk16

Lucas, Pie, illmatic and Hommie

Questions Asked:
30 (1 Void)

Dk's Forum Post (Click to enlarge!)

Awesome Hour #7 was started by dk16 in the Main Forum but the actual event was delayed for unknown reasons. After a few days Scott took over the event with dk16's permission and held the event a week later. People in a few different forums criticized the time of the event because a few couldn't make it. In the actual event it took a few minutes to get the teams sorted and to sort out last second teams. The first question however was void when Scott made the mistake of posting the answer in the same sentence, however the event went on none the less with a near close call ending. Lucas and Pie both sat and watched the event but couldn't answer as they didn't register their team. All Questions were worth 1 Point!

Points Table
Team Name Points Position Prize
Lavender Lightning
13 1st +4 Staff Favor
The Loaners
10 2nd +2 Staff Favor
Chamber of Elders
9 3rd Pat on the back
Color Represents
+4 Staff Favor
+2 Staff Favor

Team Names: Sexy Mexicans The Chamber of Elders The Loaners Lavender Lightning
Members: azwaz JoeBloggs AlPacinO Thanatos
philly Doddsyboi Risque tghowcroft
Matty Tibos Seducist Freshman
bigmick Shaidar Flickzman

When was the next one??
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