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Awesome Hour 13

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13th October 2011 6PM (EST)

How Long:
53 Minutes

Run by:

Mohith, Pascal, Will, Shade, Neltharion, Altair, baQsteR, and Matty

Questions Asked:

This edition of "Awesome Hour" was bittersweet. Sweet in the fact that it was spur of the moment and thrown together in such a short amount of time. But the bitter aftertaste came from the fact that it was a farewell of sorts from various Staff members at the time, since it would be the last activity that they did with them before returning to regular players. This Awesome Hour was thrown together on a spur of the moment decision, when the Current "Staff Team" (now known as "Volunteer Helpers") realized that their time was extremely limited. In that respect, DMaster had prepared a speech for this occasion.

The Speech


"Ok, firstly welcome everyone to the last Awesome Hour run by certain members of our Old Staff Team (now known as Voluntary Helpers). I apologize for this being a short notice event, but we were running out of time to host one and now seemed like the only time left to say farewell.

I myself have hosted 5 Rounds of this event and planned 8 of them, to which I’m very grateful so many of you have participated throughout. As you already know, some of our current Voluntary Helpers will be switching back to Player status due to various reasons, and sadly I will be one of them. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being such great players and for all the support and help we’ve had over the years.

And last but by no means least, thank you to the Staff members who have made my job on the team an absolute pleasure. I couldn’t have wished to work with a better team than you guys. Thanks for everything!

Ok… lets get this Awesome Hour started!!! Prizes will be the same as always. Staff Favors for the top 3 and a Competition Banner for the winner!"

Points Table
Name Points Position Prize
10 Points 1st +4 Staff Favor, Prize1 banner.png
6 Points 2nd +3 Staff Favor
4 Points 3rd +2 Staff Favor

When is the next one?
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