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Awesome Hour 12

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Click here for Awesome Hour #11

DMaster's Blog entry (Click to enlarge!)
Image of Online Chat

16th September 2011 5PM (EST)

How Long:
75 Minutes

Run by:

Mohith, Macey, Gavrebel, ManBearPig

Questions Asked:

This was a special edition of Awesome Hour which was used for the Final Round of the Smurf Event! It was started by DMaster in Online Chat at 5pm Server Time. Mohith and Macey moderated the chat whilst the quiz went on.

Points Table
Name Points Position Prize
16 Points 1st +4 Staff Favor, Bronze banner.png and 200 Platinum
9 Points 2nd +3 Staff Favor and 100 Platinum
9 Points 3rd +2 Staff Favor and 50 Platinum

When is the next one?
>>> Awesome Hour 13 <<<