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Dark Flame

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Overseer/Leader: Council elected figurehead, spokesmen and leader of the gang.


Rank Description Name(s) Description
Leader (1): Overseer Hess Council elected figurehead, spokesmen and leader of the gang.
Council (5) : Black Hand Architect, faelust, Voght, Hess Council elected by Cain, make all decisions about the gang.
Ambassador (1) : Spy Master N/A In charge of diplomatic relations and communication with other gangs.
Law Enforcer (1) : Executioner Panda Upholder of gang rules, judge, jury and executioner.
War Advisor (1) : War Lord hellgiver In charge of offensive strategies against enemy gangs.
Economic Advisor (1) : Tax Collector N/A Member of the gang leadership and assistant to the council.
Novice Master (1) : Slave Master Bada In charge of novices and novice helpers.
Novice Helper (5) : Slaver Marley, QuarEagle Dedicated to helping new members learn the ropes.
Rank 10 : Night Hunter N/A Possibly older and more popular than the council members.
Rank 9 : Soul Scourge N/A Old as dirt and been in this gang since he was a little kid.
Rank 8 : Inquisitor N/A Long time member of the gang and all around old guy.
Rank 7 : Night Watch N/A Popular member who has received a lot of gang favor.
Rank 6 : Demon N/A Dedicated member that can apply for leadership positions within the gang.
Rank 5 : Skull Collector N/A Veteran member, with the power to cast judgement on other people's actions.
Rank 4 : Guardian N/A Full member, can help make decisions. No chance of leadership yet though.
Rank 3 : Wanderer N/A New member, however still with little say over gang politics.
Rank 2 : Slave N/A Basic member access, no real say in the running of the gang.
Rank 1 : Maggot N/A Novice rank and entry rank for new members of the gang.

Basic Info

Dark Flame is one of the four gangs created by Zorg for the game.

Gang Description: The cult of the Dark Flame follow a deity called Cain, under the tyrannous control of the Black Hand. They seek to cleanse the Hive of weakness and exist in every shadow in a world where rituals and evil are common place. From sacrificing their own members to eating the hearts of their enemies. Each gang hates another gang and is at war with another, this status cannot be changed and is due to the differing beliefs gangs have. You can see the status of each gang in the gang list.

Due to gang members being unable to attack 25% of the game, they gain experience bonuses for defeating those in opposing gangs. If you defeat a member of a gang your gang is at war with you gain +50% and if you defeat a member of a gang your gang hates you gain +25%.

The Dark Flame

At war with = The Chapter

Hates = Outcasts.

They are irritated by The Chapter's self righteous attitude, and find the Outcasts' ideal of freedom weak.

Leadership: Dictatorship.

Staff Rep

Connor character2.png

Connor is the staff rep for this gang, it's his job to make sure the gang is running smoothly and deal with issues that gang leadership can not handle.

Past Staff Reps:

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Gang Achievements

The Wasteland on July 30, 2007
From Dec. 31, 2008, depicting the (in)famous DF building smiley, with a Happy New Years message added
All gangs 1 squared in the Wasteland on August 5th 2022

The Dark Flame was four times acknowledged as the Best WL Gang in the Yearly Legacy Awards: Legacy 2007, Legacy 2008, Legacy 2009 and Legacy 2010.

The Dark Flame has been the only gang to forcibly contain each of all three of the other gangs into one square in the wastelands on separate occasions.

The Dark Fame was also the first gang to capture three wasteland objectives simultaneously (The Alien Artifact, The Wasteland shop and the Wasteland Hospital).

As of December 2011, Dark Flame has attained five of the thirteen Wasteland trophies given out. They are rivaled by Blade of Dawn in terms of trophies

Wasteland Trophies
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