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This account name no longer exists on the game. It's just kept for historical purposes! If you have any questions please contact the Wiki Admin.

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More items will be added as they come up and this page should be considered a constant work in progress.

Name : Kari
Age : 20
Gender : Female
My personal interests are mainly dominated by my love of games and technology, from playing and deconstructing their mechanics to designing my own. Others include artwork, with a preference for oil paintings and landscapes, and music leaning toward classical.

Favourite Games :
Torchlight II, Mount and Blade, Killing Floor, League of Legends, and the Battlefield series

There are many others, but far too many to list here, you'll have to check with me if I can play something you have in mind. I'm never opposed to playing games with new people. Simply send me a message or mail and we'll see if I have the time.

Favourite Artists :
Jorsch -
Del-Borovic -
Have done several art trades with them in the past, and they've always delivered amazing work.

Favourite Musical Artists :
Vivaldi, Weber, Tchaikovsky, ALI Project, and Supercell


During my time in Legacy I've held two accounts, in the first I spent a lot of time in The Chapter as a trainer and a small stint in Blade of Dawn before personal reasons in my life had me leave the game for some time. On my return ( Approximately a year ) I was placed into DarkFlame for a while before returning once more to Blade of Dawn, and given the Games Forum as a moderator.

Toward the end of August I was hired by Scott as invisible staff where he taught me how to fulfil my role as a Staff, giving me small tasks along the way.

October 6th Scott moved me to rank 2 as a staff and made me the Clan admin.

Projects as Staff

Will be added as they come.

  • Re-writing the Warcodex


Character Designs
Kari1.gif Kari2.gif

flash17101 : 09:32 - I can't find Bikari's profile.
flash17101 : 09:32 - It says it's not found.
Arretu : 09:33 - became a staffard
flash17101 : 09:33 - Ah.
flash17101 : 09:33 - Good for her.
Reload : 09:34 - Why would you be trying to find her profile, lover boy?
flash17101 : 09:41 - ....