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To Login to the wiki, use your username for Legacy and then go here to get your temporary password. - Will (talk)

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The Wiki has rules. As well as having to play by the Terms of Service (Tos) you and everyone else has to abide by these extra set:

  • No Secrets

We do not govern what can and cannot be published here; item stats and such are fine, as long as it abides by the other rules on this page.

  • Fact not Opinion

This site is for detailing facts, not opinions; nobody cares what you think. We only care about what you know. Do not speculate or write works of fiction here. Whether or not you like the subject you choose to write about is irrelevant.

  • Legacy Related

The most important rule: articles should only be written here detailing the history of Legacy and its current state. Other subjects in close relation are fine, but do not wander off too far when writing articles.


  • Bureaucrats

On Legacy Wiki only Will, Scott, and Zorg are at this level. Will looks at pages and edits them where needed. As Wiki Admin his role is to make sure the Wiki runs at best. which means he deals with bans and vandalism. He also helps with pages and deals with Wiki Tickets.

  • SysOp

Short for "System Operator" means you have extra powers to help moderate and edit pages. So please do not go throwing them about. You can block people but please use it as a last resort.

Click here for more information

Everything you do is logged!

If you require any help message one of the SysOps or make a ticket.

Here are some helpful hints for you!


As Sysop you can see unpatrolled edits. This means edits that haven't been seen by a Sysop.

To Patrol edits go to Recent changes a red ! marks a page as unpatrolled. Click Diff and on the right hand side it will show you the edits. Under the username or ip that has edited the page you will see [Mark this page Patrolled] click that and the red ! will go missing from the recent changes. Showing that the page is patrolled.

Also with new pages the [Mark as Patrolled] will be right at the bottom

Mass revert

Go to the page. Click history and click on the version you want then click edit save. Make sure the summary is REVERT or something like that.

Also when paroling if you see an edit you think shouldn't have been made instead of clicking mark as patrolled click roll-back. This will roll back to the old version and patrol the edit ::

Good tags for you to use on the Wiki will be posted and a link underneath to the actual tag.

[*] Delete Used to put a Page up for deletion. Wise if a page is not Legacy related to use follow instructions on the page: Click here for Delete Template info

[*] Out Of Date Used to tell people the information on the page might be out of date to use follow instructions on the page: Click for OOD Template info

[*] Cleanup Used to tell the author of a page or anyone why the page should be cleaned up to use follow instructions on the page: Click for cleanup template info

Please try categorize every page. Even yours.

If you're Staff add Category:Staff. If you're a player add Category:Users (be sure to use 2 [ brackets at the start and 2 ] brackets at the end)

Click here for a list of categories

Various tags that are used are:

Page Fault
Stop hand.png

This page has had reports of faults and will be investigated soon. Please contact the Wiki Admin regarding this pages problems.

- For page faults. Requires the Wiki Admins Attention
Page Locked

This page is protected and locked from editing. This might be because of a bug or to stop edits to the page. Please contact the Wiki Admin regarding edits to this page.

- Protected to maximum level.
Page Protected

This page has been locked so that only users who are logged in can edit it. Any questions or if you would like to know why the page is protected please contact the Wiki Admin.

- Protected to logged in users only.
File In Transit

This file has been isolated and will be moved to a new page soon. If you have any concerns or this file is relevant to you contact the Wiki Admin.
DO NOT edit/upload a new version until its new home is verified and this tag removed.

Old Home: [[]]

New Home: [[]]

- Used for huge Gang Gallery updates.
Account Deleted
This account name no longer exists on the game. It's just kept for historical purposes! If you have any questions please contact the Wiki Admin.
- Use when a user is deleted from legacy but has an user page use this.

Staff NONE.jpg

[[]] - Bio of this staff member will be added shortly!

[[|Click here to see page on Legacy Wiki]]
- This template is only used on the main Staff Wiki page. It describes what your job is and how to contact you.


There currently is no Staff Rep for this gang.

- Staff rep explanation template for gang pages. 
Level 1 Warning
Your recent edit to a page/image has been reverted by somebody, as it was deemed as offensive, spam or vandalism.
Stop hand3.png
You might want to read our Policy and Terms of Service to make sure your future contributions aren't questioned by Administrators or other wiki users. If you have any questions about this minor warning please contact the Wiki Admin.

Added Punishment: None.
Warning Added By: Not Applicable.

- User warning level 1, use on user's talk page when it is really needed, (contact Wiki Admin first).
Level 2 Warning
Your recent edit to a page/image has been reverted by somebody, as it was deemed as offensive, spam or vandalism.
Stop hand2.png
This is your second warning, we do not tolerate abuse of the LCWiki or it's editors. If you have any questions about this warning please contact the Wiki Admin.

Added Punishment: None.
Warning Added By: Not Applicable.

- Use the User Warning level 2 for a second offense on the user's talk page.