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Werewolves/Game 14

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The following is a summary of the fourteenth Werewolves game. This was held on an outside forum of Legacy (same outside forum as Game 12 with players using movie villain character names to hide their true identities. This game was hosted by Will.



  • Winners: The Village
  • Players: Caladhiel

Player List

Player Names Role Alive at game end? Notes
Farisees = Jareth Murderer No Killed by werewolves Night 5
rollin340 = The Thing Forsaken No Killed by werewolves Night 1
crippler = Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz Villager No Killed by Silencer curse Day 3
Aaron = Freddy Villager No Modkilled for inactivity Day 4
Neltharion = Ozymandias Piper No Killed by werewolves Night 2
RyeWhiskey = Captain Spaulding Werewolf Master No Lynched by village Day 2
Pie = Richmond Valentine Defender No Murdered Night 3
Mikasa = Banzai Werewolf Silencer No Murdered Night 5
Bongo = Trevelyan Villager No Killed by werewolves Night 4
Poseidon = Darth Maul Werewolf No Modkilled for inactivity Day 2
Caladhiel = Mother Gothel Forsaken Yes Winner
Kabios23 = Voldemort Seer No Murdered Night 2
Teeg = Sauron Werewolf No Killed by Piper curse Day 2
Noodle = Verbal Kint Sheriff No Killed by werewolves Night 3
Vinny = T1000 Forsaken No Murdered Night 1
jonkers = Kingpin Hunter No Lynched by village Day 5
Zizard = norman bates Witch No Lynched by village Day 4
Scott = Captain Davy Jones Forsaken No Modkilled for inactivity Day 3
Slade = TwoFace Werewolf No Lynched by village Day 3
Valkyrie = Captain Hook Villager No Murdered Night 4
Rey = Merideth Villager No Targeted by Kingpin Day 5
Aamon = The Joker Forsaken No Modkilled for inactivity Day 3

Play-by-play Summary

Day/Night 1

  • No lynch
  • Voldemort seers Sauron
  • Verbal Kint checks Captain Spaulding
  • Richmond Valentine defends himself
  • Ozymandias hypnotizes Sauron (I'm a little teapot, short and stout, here's) and Merideth (looking at you, kid)
  • TwoFace, Banzai and Sauron target The Thing
  • Banzai silences Richmond Valentine
  • Jareth murders T1000

Day/Night 2

  • Darth Maul modkilled for inactivity
  • Sauron dies from Piper curse
  • Captain Spaulding lynched by the village
  • Voldemort seers Verbal Kint
  • Verbal Kint checks Captain Hook
  • Richmond Valentine defends Verbal Kint
  • Ozymandias hypnotizes Richmond Valentine ("I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay I sleep") and Freddy ("dreaming waiting for the world above to burn")
  • TwoFace and Banzai target Ozymandias
  • Banzai silences Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Jareth murders Voldemort

Day/Night 3

  • Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz dies from Silencer curse
  • Village lynches TwoFace
  • Captain Davy Jones and TheJoker modkilled for inactivity
  • Verbal Kint checks Trevelyan
  • Richmond Valentine defends Trevelyan
  • Banzai targets Verbal Kint
  • Banzai silences Trevelyan
  • Jareth murders Richmond Valentine

Day/Night 4

  • Freddy modkilled for inactivity
  • Norman Bates lynched by village
  • Banzai silences Mother Gothel
  • Banzai targets Trevelyan
  • Jareth murders Captain Hook

Day/Night 5

  • Kingpin lynched by village
  • Kingpin takes Merideth with him
  • Banzai targets Jareth
  • Jareth murders Banzai