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War Machine

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War Machine
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XP Challenge: War Machine (Daily)

This raid is very straight forward because it's intended purely to help people trying to level. As you enter head north and you'll see the War Machine, when you defeat it, carry on north through the teleporter. This process repeats itself numbers times, with each new War Machine being stronger then the last.


There is a base 35,000xp clear reward and up to 1,119,440xp from clearing the entire raid.

Level Experience Gained
30 19220
40 33620
50 74420
60 100820
70 104040
80 262440
90 262440
100 262440


Name Rarity Effect Description Level Sellback value
Nanite Cluster Nanite Cluster Epic +100 HP over max HP The latest in nanotechnology developed by X-Corp. It is said to contain nanites that specialize in not just providing maximum recovery but also developing a nano-shield, helping targets to go beyond their maximum health. This will grant a +100 HP nano shield. 70 100c
Power Core Power Core Godlike Instant re-entry to Wastelands A powerful source of... power. This has been said to provide a one-time boost to re-entering irradiated regions. 80 100c

Large versions: Nanite Cluster Power Core


Clears requirement Description Trinket
20 Not even really a trophy.. just a souvenir of your efforts in the XP challenge raid. Really.. this is all you have to show for it.. wow?
-Motivational Entity
Bronze Trophy
50 Okay, a step up from a Bronze trophy. You really think you did something great though killing a discount Iron Man over and over? Congrats on the silver, I guess.
-Motivational Entity
Silver Trophy
100 Now this... this is truly something. A GOLD TROPHY to reward your constant massacre of an innocent, confused AI that was programmed to do things that maybe it did not even want to do. Who knows. Bet you feel real proud of yourself though.
-Motivational Entity
Gold trophy


There are also broken teleports in the south-east corner of each level, these have no known purpose but may include such in the future. Current tests include having used the Nanite cluster drop to no extra effect.

When receiving a trinket, a message such as below will be shown in the chat log. War Machine 50 Completions