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Soo... Where to begin...


My name is indeed Kevin. I live in North Kingstown, RI. For those who do not live in the United States, it's in the northeast. I'm also a student at New England Tech. I'm training up for a degree in Video and Audio Production. Also VAP for short. It's always been an interest of mine. For those who don't quiet understand what it is, it's essentially Video Capturing, Editing, and the Study of it. I go around the state recording all kinds of things. Very interesting field of study :D

Legacy History

Since i started up, i got assigned to BoD and im not planning on leaving anytime soon. I was sensei for a good amount of time. I think i can safely say since about halloween '09, give or take a few days. I took up Sword Master on may 31st, 2010 :O Forgive me if im ignorant to the other 3 gangs rules, but i truly dont know how they run as well as i could, simply because i have never been there. and again, not planning on leaving BoD, so dont spam me asking me to join your gang. I'll just b like.. NOOOOPE! :D I got avatar on monday february 15th, at exactly 3:40:27 Server time :D On January 23rd, i got the title of

well... i think that'll just about do it. :)

"When a man lies, he Murders some part of the world. These are the Pale Deaths which men miscall their lifes. All this i cannot bear to witness any longer. Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation take me Home...?

                                                                   Cliff Burton. February 10th, 1962 - - - September 27, 1986.