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Previously Named



About Me

I am a player that is named after the gang that I most respect. I have stayed in Dark Flame since I first joined as Bu3d. I originally joined when subscriptions were a thing. I had to stop playing for a while and lost my original account. I then joined back up with my current name (DarkFlame).

I have since always stepped up to help Dark Flame at any chance often taking leadership roles I did not care to take. The most important role to me is Slaver( gang rank 11). I believe Slavers are the most important role because it is the gangs chance to help new players learn all about the gang and the game. This is key to player retention in the gang and game. I feel this has the greatest impact of anything anyone can do for their gang.

Roles Held

Black Hand

Tax Collector


Slave Master (Current)


Wiki SysOp