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More information on dagreek.

Never been voted Legacy's biggest noob, though I have come close

Has named weapons before (Jenna ^.^)

Is an avatar in debt

Real Life:

-Josh "The Insane Greek"

-Has 2 middle names (not gunna release everything right now)

-Lives in Omaha, NE, USA

-Has been overseas before (England)

-Has gone to Mexico and built a house (May '08)

-Graduated from HS in May '08 on his Parents Anniversary... Also the same day Mount St. Helen went boom back in 1980 :P

-Is a collage student at ITT Tech Campus 066 Omaha

-Is a churched noob that knows better

-Has a Facebook...

-Has a job at Burger King, about 20 minutes away.

Other Nicknames:









Josh... duh

Things I do on the game:

1) One of 5 OC mentors - 6 months Job experience

2) Has run the clan World Bank unofficially since May 2008 (ish), Officially since July 2008 (ish)

3) Been on the leadership of Jedi Council since May (ish) of 2008

4) Is a general Pain in the rear end to some people

~All dates are guesses... lol

Random Stuff:

Macbook FTW