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Account Deleted
This account name no longer exists on the game. It's just kept for historical purposes! If you have any questions please contact the Wiki Admin.


DSniper's Character
Name N/A Gender Male Email Ask me
Location Buffalo, NY Birthday July 17th 1991 Account Age too old
Forum Posts 1220 Game Visits too many Tickets Completed 24
Favors Handed Out like 2 Disfavors Handed Out bout 20 Banned Players You don't want to know

Personal Information

Real Name: Bob. A. Noname

Staff Title: Accounts Admin

Job: ...accounts stuff

Interests: Legacy ;)

Age: 17

Former Staff Titles: Clan Admin

Previous Jobs: clan stuff


Coming soon! Maybe!


G2 banner.png A true gangster from before the game's name change.
Connect banner.png Survived the near apocalyptic server move in our 4th year.
1year banner.png Stood with us during the 1 year anniversary of the game.
2year banner.png Stood with us during the 2 year anniversary of the game.
3year banner.png Stood with us during the 3 year anniversary of the game.
4year banner.png Stood with us during the 4 year anniversary of the game.
Level banner.png Achieved ranking among the Top 10 most experience gained.
Deaths banner.png Kept our hospital in business with the Top 10 highest losses.

Hunt banner.png Has been ranked among the Top 10 best hunters.
Hunting1 banner.png Defeated the Sector 3 Assassin Lisha.
Hunting2 banner.png Showed superiority over the mob, defeating their boss.
Hunting3 banner.png Silenced the corrupt police chief Zaphar, defeating him.
Hunting4 banner.png Set back X-Corp's plans defeating their founder Sythe.
Hunting5 banner.png Shook the foundations of the hive, defeating the Hive Lord.
Voting banner3.png Voted for our game over 1000 times.
Chat banner.png Spent over 5 days in our Online Chat.
Subscribe banner.png This player has subscribed to play the game.