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This is the main wiki account of the player CodeHydro. Other wiki account has the proper cap in it, but I lost the password, but you can see some of my contributions from the other account here. Smiley 9.gif

I won't go too far about my own contributions to the game as there are too many to list with the amount of time that I'm willing to commit to this page.

Anyhow, back in 2002, I played Gangsterz 2 - Version 1, where I was the highest leveled player for a while (there was no level cap at the time) and also among the highest ranked staff with an admin privilege level just below that of Zorg himself. Nonetheless, I must admit that I do not believe my contributions from then have survived to this version of the game, except for my drawing of both big and small images for the sniper rifle hunting drop:

Big rifle.png Sniper rifle.png

I then rejoined G2V2, about a year after it came out, and have kept my account active since, though with periods of relative inactivity. Though I was a prominent leader in the early history of the Dark Flame, my influence in the game as a whole for the most part have been my numerous ticket reports for various major and minor bugs. Considering my current life situation, I do not think it is wise for me dedicate the time needed to rejoin staff or the gang leadership.