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Trinkets are various items obtained through The Hive that you can show off on your Player Profile.

Name Image Description How to Obtain
Bag of Chips Chips.png Stole a bag of chips from a cheating dealer that was trying to steal a bag of chips from a cheating casino that was trying to steal the chips from you. You heard it here first folks: the casino is rigged. Beat the cheating dealer in Chapter 3 of A Hive Legacy.
Big Al's Glass Glass.png You stood your ground, going toe to toe with the biggest Al of them all. You said hello to his little fr-- wait a minute. Anyway, you took away the light from his famed cigar. Smoking kills and you saved his life, good on you. Talk to Big Al before beating him in Chapter 3 of A Hive Legacy.
Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy.png Not even really a trophy.. just a souvenir of your efforts in the XP challenge raid. Really.. this is all you have to show for it.. wow? -Motivational Entity Clear the Raid XP Challenge: War Machine 20 Times.
Gold Trophy Gold Trophy.png Now this... this is truly something. A GOLD TROPHY to reward your constant massacre of an innocent, confused AI that was programmed to do things that maybe it did not even want to do. Who knows. Bet you feel real proud of yourself though. -Motivational Entity Clear the Raid XP Challenge: War Machine 100 Times.
Grandma's Snow Globe Grandma's Snow Globe.PNG A snow globe commemorating your successful adventures in A Very Merry Realm. Beat the spirit of Granny in A Very Merry Realm.
Hive Egg Egg.png A hive egg, a souvenir of the impressive amount of time you spent smashing poor, harmless eggs that never did anything to hurt you. Crush all 50 eggs in Strange Hives 2.
Krampus Klauz's Hood Krampus hood.png This hood was once worn by Krampus Klauz, a monster who disguised himself as the popular myth Santa Claus. A strange energy emanates from within it. Defeat Klauz in A Very Merry Realm.
Larry the Frog Froggo.png Larry sacrificed himself for you. Although you might ask... was it worth it? Someone defiled this poor frog just so that you could do something else? You knew Larry for 2 seconds. And in those 2 seconds, you got it killed, turning it into a rainbow color, which is probably some kind of infection. Flush Larry and find his corpse in Chapter 4 of A Hive Legacy.
Mad Chief's Handcuffs Zaphar handcuffs.png The Mad Police Chief's handcuffs. You wonder if Zaphar was ever a good cop once. A cop that actually tried to do what was right for the Hive. A cop who did not take out a hit on his own brother, Rahpaz. A cop who righteously used these handcuffs to smite down the evil in this c--wait... these do not look like standard-issue police handcuffs... ew. Talk to Zaphar in Chapter 4 of A Hive Legacy.
Mr. Shrub Shrub.png A delicate shrub found in a Police Station. This could really use some love. Legend has it that these station shrubs never received love or had any friends. Perhaps you could be its friend? Find the well kept shrub in Chapter 2 of A Hive Legacy.
Rahpaz's Handcuffs Handcuffs.png Did you.. did you really just steal these from an officer of the Law? It's okay.. it's not like they were used to enforce any Order around the Hive anyway. Loot this off the officer in Chapter 2 of A Hive Legacy.
Rudolph's Antlers Rudolph trophy.png Antlers belonging to Rudolph, the reindeer with a small fire crystal on his nose. No one knows where he came from or why he keeps appearing. Defeat Rudolph in A Very Merry Realm.
Silver Trophy Silver Trophy.png Okay, a step up from a Bronze trophy. You really think you did something great though killing a discount Iron Man over and over? Congrats on the silver, I guess. -Motivational Entity Clear the Raid XP Challenge: War Machine 50 Times.
The Pacifist's Flag Flagtrinket.png This flag does not mean you're a loser. No, you're smart. You bribed the casino guards to save a random NPC. Why.. just because he was named NPC? What makes him so special? Who the heck has a name like Jerimiah? Did you really just throw away TWENTY TOKENS TO SAVE A RANDOM NPC? Complete Chapter 3 of A Hive Legacy without attacking anyone.
??? Zorgbob.gif ????? Custom Trinket displayed by Aldo.