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Strange Hives I

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Strange Hives 1
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Strange Hives 1 Map with all possible Hive Tower Locations (click to enlarge)

Strange living structures have shown up just outside our hive. Gang headquarters that once remained dormant there have all suddenly disappeared and in their place, these strange hives remain.

Hive Gatekeepers guard the path into this region but for a price, you might be able to get through.

For a full summary, click here! Warning: Spoilers

Strange Insects and Creatures have been seen in locations of the Wasteland previously used in Gang Warfare. The area has been blocked off by Hive Gatekeepers, but for only 25 Credits...they look the other way. The Gatekeepers explain that X-Corp has been looking into the situation, but if you must careful out there.

Left and right, you see Strange Insects and Creatures filling the area. They don't seem to be aggressive, but you decide to clear them out anyway. While fighting, you sustain some damage from the many Insects and Creatures, but notice some structures in the distance. Some look like crystalized towers but one has the look of an old style Medical Facility.

Luckily enough, it just happens to be an Abandoned Field Hospital that still has a healing station barely active. It's not much, but you manage to restore some of your health before checking out the crystalized towers.

You find a large Sentient Hive Tower that seems to be drawing power from 4 smaller towers scattered across the area. When you approach the large tower - it pushes you back with a strong invisible force. Unable to get near, you decide to take down the smaller towers and then come back. Once the smaller towers are destroyed, you attempt to further investigate the large tower only to be grabbed and pulled away from a Cultist by the name of Roz. In few words, Roz only says Do not touch it. We must worship. You will not interfere. You defeat Roz and go back to the Large Tower but as soon as you get there, the tower begins sinking into the ground. Unsure of how to proceed - you return to the Hive.


Strange Hives 1 Map (No Tiles) (click to enlarge)

Investigate Sentient Hive Towers spawning in the Wasteland outside of the Hive.


For a full walkthrough, click here! Warning: Spoilers

You begin the Raid starting on square 3,14

Move around map
Defeat 4 Sentient Hive Towers (Level 50) Spawn locations shown on side map

(Optional) Move around map
Defeat Strange Insects (Level 53) and Strange Creatures (Level 55)

Move to 7,2
Cultist Roz drags you to 9,2

Cultist Roz appears on 9,2
Defeat Cultist Roz (Level 60)

Move to 7,2
Raid Completed

Enemy Data

Target Name Level Experience Health Possible Drops
Strange Insect Strange Insect 53 3,000xp 120hp Nightshade
Strange Creature Strange Creature 55 3,200xp 135hp Hemlock
Strange Hive Strange Hive 50 N/A 100hp N/A
Cultist Roz Cultist Roz 60 N/A 160hp Revival Kit Avatar Blood Grenade Launcher Modded Pistol Aberrant Grenade Launcher Aberrant Modded Pistol


  • In the south east corner of the map there is a field hospital that you can use to heal for 40hp once.
  • If you attempt to move onto the main tower (7,2) before destroying the other 4, you will take 10 damage and be warped to 7,5
  • The Map used for Strange Hives I is actually a Wasteland Map first used in Round 12 (Apr-Jun 2011)