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St Patrick's Day 2011

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Date of Launch:
March 13th 2011

Event Ran Until:
21th 2011

St Pattrick's Day 2011 was started by DMaster, he released some outfits for players to celebrate this special Irish day. He also organised a special story contest which was held in the Main Forum.
Check this Wikipedia page for more info!

New Designs!

Mpatricksday tattoohead1.png Mpatricksday shirt2.png Mpatricksday shirt1.png Mpatricksday beer2.png Mpatricksday goldpot.png Mpatricksday acc2.png Mpatricksday hat1.png Fpatricksday tattoohead1.png Fpatricksday shirt1.png Fpatricksday beer.png Fpatricksday goldpot.png Fpatricksday acc2.png Fpatricksday hat1.png


Staff Designs
Zorg Paddy.gif Dk16 Paddyday2011.gif Scott paddy.png DMaster Paddy.gif Pascal Saint Pattricks.png

Story Contest


1st place: + 4 Staff Favor + Prize1 banner.png
2nd place + 2 Staff Favor


Guilt's entry:
One fine day in the Hive, Zorg decides to venture out into the wee little Wasteland for a pint of Guinness and to oversee the gangs progression. On the way out, feeling a bit festive from Seachtain Na Gaeilge, he begins to think of new things for Legacy. St. Patrick's day was coming up, so there had to be SOMETHING he could do for his players! "What can I do!?" he thinks, and alas, it hits him as he walks past a Shamrock... "Ah yes! Replace Joe from Joe's Merchandise with a Leprechaun!" Thinking farther into it... he offers his Subscription paying players extra outfits! Genius? He thinks so. Well, he'd LIKE to think so! Scott and DMaster had these ideas already, and they didn't even need the beer!

In the WL, a verbal argument ensues... Zorg may have called them both idiots, Scott may have flicked his wrist a bit too hard fracturing something, and DMaster might have went into an Irish Ginger rage and killed five hundred and fifty hookers on Grand Theft Auto... but ultimately it was decided that these things would come into Legacy for St. Patrick's Day!

Days later dk16 see's the pint, bone fragments from Scotts hand and a broken controller from DMaster. He walks by them with the dust pan and broom and just shrugs. This is how St. Patty's came to Legacy. The exact story. No exaggerations.


Pyro02's entry:
It was a dark day in the Hive. Zorg was sitting in his favourite pub, 'The Golden Irishman' in Sector 2 enjoying a pint of Guinness, surrounded by drunks dressed in green. It was St Patrick's day, a day which he loathed. No good came from it, it just resulted to armies of drunken teenagers travelling the streets, and people dressed as Leprachauns added to his anger. He hated the colour green. A tall, young man walked up to him and asked: "Hello there! I'm Liam. Would you like to spare a few pennies for the Seachtain na Gaeilge?" "No. I'm broke." Zorg answered. "No-one buys subscription on my game anymore, all I have is a house that's falling apart, in the middle of a forsaken wasteland." "Oh, I used to play that. I got bored though. Here, have a four-leafed shamrock, maybe it will bring you luck." This pushed Zorg over the edge. He stood up, grabbed a broken bottle of the floor and stabbed the man. People started screaming, as Liam lay still, in a pool of red. "Does anybody have a revival kit?" someone screamed. At this point, several hive police ran in, with Police Chief Zaphar behind them. Without saying a word, he pulled his tazer out, tazed Zorg, whilst a policeman handcuffed him. “Take this drunk away to the jail, and make sure he doesn’t get out for a while.” Zaphar ordered “You can’t do this to me! Don’t you know who I am? I AM ZORG! I AM THE CREATOR! YOU’LL REGRET THIS!” Zorg screamed as he was dragged away down the corridor. He was never seen again.


Shak's entry:
Ash Ketcham was drunk, he had been drinking Guinness, most of which spilt on his shamrock shirt. He was drowning his sorrows because his mother didn’t let him participate in Seachtain na Gaeilge festival. Suddenly he closed his eyes and a leprechaun appeared: “I can make you rich, just follow me” he claimed. Ash followed him into an alternate world known as ‘Legacy’. He appeared in the Hive and brought subscription time with real money, which he immediately tried to sell.

Afterwards Ash went into the wasteland, there he found different people fighting intensely for territory. He saw an interesting object which he wanted to investigated; the letters ‘A.A’ were engraved on this extraordinary machine. Travelling through the ice, Pikachu, who had just awoken from his slumber inside Ash’s bag got scared at the fact that he didn’t know where he was so he suddenly let out a fierce roar and thousands of electric bolts erupted from his body and cracked and melted the ice.

Suddenly, The ground violently tremors as DMaster emerges from its depths. “Ash Ketcham you are banned and disfavoured for cheating and for coming inside the WL as a rogue” Upon hearing this Pikachu tried to protect his master, by unleashing brutal attacks.

‘DMaster’s eyes glow white with fire as he activates radiance.’ Pikachu’s Quick attacks in futility, deflected by radiance. Pikachu’s Iron tail attack in futility, deflected by radiance. Pikachu’s Tail whip attacks in futility, deflected by radiance. Pikachu’s Thunder attacks in futility, deflected by radiance. DMaster defeats Pikachu in self defence.

Ash Ketcham loses

Ash Ketcham And Pikachu - Jailed for 9999 day(s). Breaking lots of ToS such as:

L2.0 Personal Safety Under 18 and didn’t ask his parents whether he could put in any personal details


Jerv's entry:
It was the week before St Patrick's Day and Zorg was making preparations for the celebration on his much-loved, but highly overrated and stagnant, online game called Legacy.

The previous year, Zorg had given the characters a green background for when they were in the Hive. The players (especially those that bought subscription) felt this was rather dull and they deserved better. So this year, Zorg had signed up to help Seachtain na Gaeilge to gain some extra ideas.

These extra ideas consisted of not only giving the players the horrible green background for when they were in Hive (because Zorg liked to piss people off), but also when they were in the Wasteland as well. Furthermore, he would make Scott dress up as a little leprechaun holding a pint of Guinness, which people could use as a mascot in their character designs. Lastly, he would make Lucky Shamrocks available for sale from Joe's Merchandise, which could be used to summon Leprechaun Scott to fight alongside you in the Wasteland. However, Leprechaun Scott would not be overpowered as, let's face it, Scott is a bit of a pansy and his bark is bigger than his bite (unless a penis is involved, then he bites very hard, but some guys like that!).

Anyway, Zorg made all these amendments to the game for a week before and a week after St Patrick's Day for all the kiddies to have fun. There were Leprechaun Scotts beating up other Leprechaun Scotts all over the Wasteland, which made everyone giggle (apart from Scott, who was highly offended by the effeminate stance Leprechaun Scott had with his heel flicked up like a right sailor)

The morale of this story: Don't feed Scott after midnight or he'll turn into a gay leprechaun!